How To Tell if Someone Disabled Their Discord

How To Tell If Someone Disabled Their Discord

Discord is gamers’ primary communication platform, and people create different servers to facilitate their various channels.

Discord lets you join a voice channel with friends and communicate in real-time.

Everyone needs a break, and you may temporarily deactivate your account when you don’t feel inclined to use Discord.

The question is, can you tell if someone disabled their Discord account?

Quick Answer

Anyone can disable their Discord account from user settings. Once they do, their account appears like a normal Discord account. However, it will always show that the person is offline. If you have mutual friends with the person, you won’t see the “mutual connections” until the person restores their account. If Discord disabled the user account for violating its terms and guidelines, the account would appear like a deleted account, especially the username.

We will begin by covering the steps for disabling a Discord account. Also, we will highlight the causes of Discord disabling someone’s account. Next, we will discuss signs to look out for to know if someone disabled their Discord. Let’s figure it out!

How To Disable Discord Account

For a Discord user, sometimes you need a break from the platform.

It could be you want to focus on other platforms or limit your access to them for a while.

Whatever your reason, there is a way to disable your Discord account and restore it later quickly.

Discord will log you out when you disable your account, and you won’t receive notifications via email, but you can still get friend requests.

Follow the steps below to disable your Discord account on a PC:

  1. Open the Discord app and access your account. Open Discord Pc Application
  2. Click the settings icon at the bottom. Navigate To User Settings Discord
  3. Once the user settings page loads, the “My Account” tab should open. If not, click “My Account” from the sidebar. Click On The My Account Section
  4. Scroll to the “Account Removal” section and click the “Disable Account” option. Click The Disable Account Option.
  5. Authorize the action by entering your password and clicking the “Disable Account” option again. Authorize The Action By Entering Your Password

Discord will automatically log you out, confirming your Discord account is disabled until you restore it.

When you change your mind, open the Discord app, log in, and click the “Restore Account” button to resume using your Discord account.


Discord can also ban an account if it violates its guidelines, such as promoting illegal behavior, harassment, etc. If Discord disables your account, you risk getting your account permanently deleted.

How To Tell if Someone Disabled Their Discord

Anyone can choose to disable their Discord account.

When you are used to interacting with a given person, and you no longer see their account active, or they don’t respond to you, it begs the question of what is happening on their side.

How can you know if they disabled their Discord?

The first way of telling if someone disabled their Discord is by checking their activeness.

If your Discord friend is no longer active as they used to be, they may have disabled their account to take a break.

A disabled Discord gets rendered inactive, and if you text that person, they will fail to respond until they restore their account.

The next thing to check is their username. If someone willingly disabled their Discord, their username will appear as usual. However, if Discord disabled someone’s account, the username will appear like that of a deleted account.

If you notice that their username appears as DeletedUser#####, Discord likely disabled that person’s account for violating its guidelines.

The bottom line is that if someone has disabled their Discord account, they won’t respond to your messages, and their profile will be inactive.

The much you can do is wait and hope that they restore their account soon to communicate with them again. So, if you suspect someone has disabled their Discord, text them and see if they can respond.


Discord allows users to disable their accounts when they need a break.

We’ve seen the steps to disable your Discord account on your desktop.

Moreover, we’ve mentioned the signs to look out for to know if someone has disabled their Discord account.

Hopefully, you can now tell when someone disables their Discord account.

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