How To Turn Off Voice on Discord

How To Turn Off Voice On Discord

When using Discord, you may join a server where text-to-speech (TTS) has been enabled. In such a server, when someone sends a text, Discord makes it possible to play the text for every member to listen to the text instead of reading it.

While the feature is handy when someone is multitasking, it can quickly annoy you, and you wish you could get an effective way to turn off voice on Discord.

Quick Answer

Are you tired of the text-to-speech feature on Discord? Discord allows the server admin to disable TTS for the entire server by disabling it from the @everyone role. For an individual, you can disable TTS on your desktop or browser, but the changes will only turn off voice on your end and won’t affect other server members. When you open your Discord account, the text-to-speech feature is available under the Accessibility section on your user settings page.

This guide guides you on how to turn off voice on Discord. We will cover the steps to use for your browser and the desktop. Still, we will see how to turn off voice on Discord for all members if you are the server admin. Lastly, we will see how to mute and deafen on Discord.

How To Turn Off Voice on Discord

Discord has a text-to-speech feature that gamers use when they want to focus on their game without reading the text shared in the channel. With TTS, Discord will read the text shared on Discord, and you can listen to the message instead of reading it.

While the feature is excellent, especially if you multitask, you can quickly get bored with this voice for every new message on Discord. In such a case, you can turn off this voice on Discord. You can achieve that by accessing Discord on your browser or the desktop application.

Turn Off Voice on Discord Browser

For someone accessing Discord on their browser, you can also quickly turn off TTS.

  1. Open your browser and visit the Discord website.
  2. Click the “Open Discord in your browser” button and log into your account.
  3. Once logged in, click the gear icon to open the “User Settings” page.
  4. Find “Accessibility on the next page.
  5. Scroll down to the “Text-To-Speech” section and turn off the switch for the “/tts command.”

Turn Off Voice on Discord Desktop

The steps are similar to those of the browser.

  1. Open your Discord desktop application and sign in.
  2. Click the gear icon at the bottom of the Discord main window.
  3. On the “User Settings page, click the “Accessibility section on the left.
  4. Scroll down to the “Text-To-Speech section and turn off the switch on the right to disable the “/tts command.”

With that, you’ve disabled TTS on your Discord application, and even when Discord reads the text shared on the server, you won’t hear it.

Turn Off Voice as the Server Admin

If you want to turn off voice on Discord for all the members of a server, you must be the server admin or owner to execute the task.

  1. Open your Discord desktop application.
  2. Once you sign in, locate the target server.
  3. Right-click on the server and click the “Server Settings option.
  4. Click the “Roles section and tap the “Default Permissions tab.
  5. While in the “@everyone selection, find the option for “Send Text-To-Speech Messages” and disable it.

Once you grey out this option, you’ve disabled TTS in the particular server, and all members won’t use the TTS feature.

How To Mute or Deafen on Discord

Despite turning off the TTS feature on Discord, you may want to know how to mute yourself or others in the voice channel.

Once you log in to Discord, click the microphone icon at the bottom to mute yourself. Alternatively, you can mute others on the server by deafening yourself. For that, click the headphone icon at the bottom.


Turning off voice on Discord requires you to disable the text-to-speech feature from the “Accessibility” section of your Discord account. We’ve presented the steps to turn off voice on Discord on your browser, desktop, and as a server admin.

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