How To Tell if a Guy Likes You Over FaceTime?

How To Tell If A Guy Likes You Over Facetime

When you want to video-call your friend, you can use FaceTime, provided you both use Apple devices.

With FaceTime, you can comfortably make a call via the Internet, and your friend will see and accept the incoming call.

Once they do, you will have fun talking while seeing each other.

When you FaceTime with a guy, it’s a common worry among many people whether it’s possible to know if a guy likes you. We will discuss it more in this post.

Quick Answer

Although guys prefer hiding their feelings, it doesn’t mean you can’t know if they like you. While on FaceTime, look how a guy moves his eyes. If he is interested in you, he might broaden them when talking to you.

Also, if he raises his eyebrows when you talk or leans toward his camera, that’s another sign. Besides, how he compliments you gives a hint. If you notice he is uncomfortable when talking or can’t maintain eye contact, it signals he likes you. Moreover, you can ask him and watch his reaction.

It’s possible to know if a guy likes you on FaceTime. We will discuss the various signals to look for as a sign that a guy is into you. If you are excited about this, let’s dive in!

Can You Know if a Guy Likes You on FaceTime?

Yes, you can. FaceTime is an excellent way of communicating with your friends.

When you decide to FaceTime with a guy, it is possible to observe his behavior as evidence of whether he likes you.

Well, it’s not easy for a guy to show you that he likes you openly. However, when you talk with him, some signs could indicate that he hides his feelings.

Luckily, we will discuss some signs you can look out for in your next FaceTime call.

How To Tell if a Guy Likes You Over FaceTime

We understand the anxiety about whether a guy likes you on FaceTime.

Because of that, we will present some signs you should check during FaceTime as evidence that a guy likes you.

Sign #1: He Loves to FaceTime You

If you notice that a guy frequently asks you to FaceTime with him, it’s a sign that he enjoys every moment you have together during FaceTime.

He often requests you to FaceTime on weekends when you are both available for a prolonged FaceTime moment.

If that’s the case, it’s an indicator he likes you, and the other signals will help conclude the matter.

Sign #2: He Keeps Smiling

Everyone smiles, but when you notice your male friend is ever cheerful and sparked in a FaceTime session, he is likely into you.

Many people can’t hide their smiles when talking to someone they like.

Guys like to observe a girl they like to talk to.

The smile is more evident when you talk; you might notice he observes how your lips move and pays more attention when speaking.

Therefore, you have the answer if you feel the same is happening in your case.

Sign #3: He Leans Forward When You Are Talking

When you are talking and notice the guy leans forward to the screen, they want to focus on you as you speak.

In most cases, the focus is on admiring you instead of listening to what you are saying.

Besides, if a guy leans forward when you are showing him something, he is virtually making his move on you, indicating he likes you.

Sign #4: Check for Raised Eyebrows

When a guy is glowing and has raised eyebrows, it’s a sign he is excited and interested in you.

You will mostly notice his eyebrows raised when speaking, especially on a sensitive topic, such as your hobbies, what you love, etc.

Still, when he is explaining something, and you notice his eyebrows are raised, it signals he feels goosebumps when talking to you.

Sign #5: Observe His Body Language

How is his body language during FaceTime? In most cases, you will notice your guy acting warmed up, and he lacks a static posture.

Such signs show he is anxious when talking to you because he has hidden feelings for you.

Sign #6: Analyze His Complements

The last sign is analyzing how he compliments you.

Some compliments express hidden feelings, and his voice, when making the compliments, reveals that he likes you.

So, stay alert whenever he is complementing something, especially your appearance.


You can look for different signs when talking to a guy to know if he likes you.

This guide presents the six main signs you should check for to conclude a guy likes you over FaceTime.

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