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How To Start a Conversation With a Girl on Snapchat

How To Start Conversation With Girl On Snapchat

Are you new to Snapchat?

Do you find texting on Snapchat confusing?

Is the girl you like on Snapchat? Do you want to know how to strike up a conversation with a girl on Snapchat?

Well, you are in luck!

We will be sharing practical ways to use Snapchat to start a conversation with any girl with you. Be sure to read through every method to know which would be most suitable depending on the situation.

What Makes Texting on Snapchat Different From Other Social Apps?

From what was once known for its filters and AR lens tech that allows you to take silly selfie pictures, Snapchat has become one of the best social apps to stay in touch with your friends.

With features like timed pictures or videos, 24-hour stories, streaks, Discover, and Spotlight, texting on Snapchat can be confusing for people new to it.

These features make it the perfect platform for fun and flirty engagement with friends.

The privacy of your texts on Snapchat is unrivaled, which is also its primary allure.

But don’t just dive right into it; it is important to understand the unspoken rules of striking up a conversation with a girl on Snap!

Method #1: Responding to Her Story

Responding To Her Story

Responding to her story is the easiest way to initiate a conversation with any girl without appearing too strong or weird.

You can find an opening to talk to them and figure out common interests to discuss by responding to her story. It’s normal to reply to a snap story, and the chances of her replying to you are higher.

But there’s a catch: your response to her story must be not just related to what she posted but also open-ended.

So simply texting “LOL,” “cute,” or “that’s cool” might not lead to any meaningful conversation. Also, she could easily ignore or just send a reply that kills the conversation.

Try asking a question to have an actual conversation; share a related experience or joke.

You would want to send a reply that demands a response, with a potential for more back and forth. With this, you have better chances of starting an actual conversation.

If the first conversation goes well, give it a few days before responding to another related snap story. This time you can send a snap as a reply; if she responds with another, that is a good sign.

However, build your conversations gradually and naturally, don’t come on too strong or overwhelm her with snaps.

You also want to make your snap stories interesting by posting your related inside jokes. This is a great way to know if she likes you back. So she can equally reply to your snap story whenever she sees them.

Method #2: Send Her a Direct Message

Sending A Direct Message

This is the most direct approach and can go either good or bad. It is most suitable when you know the girl in person, and she added you back.

Don’t think about it too much; it’s just a message; there’s no need to get anxious. Be bold and send that text or snap first.

However, don’t go with the usual “Hi” or “Hey”; try something different to get her attention.

Try leading with anything that can create an opportunity for a fun and relaxed conversation.

Try a cute or fun pick-up line, knock-knock jokes, or an intriguing question. By going with this approach, you are bound to get her to laugh and respond in a fun way.

Don’t go jumping from question to question – it’s not an interview. Build on each question with assumptions or a leading question.

Remember, Snapchat is a fun and exciting platform, don’t overthink your approach and just flow with the vibe.

Method #3: Send her a One-Second Snap

Send Her A One-Second Snap

This is a clever way to grab the attention of a girl you like to hold a conversation with. There is no harm in trying a sneaky approach.

Especially when you are unfamiliar with the girl, or she rarely updates her stories for you to find an opening.

To do this, take a picture and set the timer for only one second. The snap can be something random or something she likes, e.g., puppies, cats, etc.

Chances are the girl won’t get a good look at what you sent, and she would be curious about what you sent.

This approach is great for knowing if a girl finds you interesting.

She would likely message you about what was sent; you can resend it and explain that you “accidentally” set the timer low. You can follow up with another question and keep the conversation going.

If the girl does not reply to you, it’s no big deal. It probably just means she’s not interested, busy, or distracted, or she did actually see it. Ignored snaps are normal, and you should not take them personally.


In this guide, we have discussed what makes communicating on Snapchat different and the various methods of starting a conversation with a girl on Snapchat.

With these practical methods, you know how to start a conversation with any girl. You don’t need to wait any longer or be unsure of your approach.

We hope this guide will give you the confidence to go after who you want to connect with.

Happy snapping!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I stop being a dry texter?

1) Stop the slow replies; try to respond as soon as possible.
2) Avoid one-word replies; give extra information that can grow the conversation.
3) Not showing your sense of humor – loosen up, use the emojis, and send memes and TikToks you find interesting.
4) Not adding a bit of flirt; adding light-hearted flirting is a way to spice things up.
5) Stop asking yes or no questions.

What’s a fun question to ask a girl?

1) Do you collect anything?
2) Where would you go if you could travel anywhere?
3) Do you have any weird talents?
4) What fictional character are you most similar to?
5) Where do you stand in the pineapple-on-pizza debate?
6) Do you pour cereal or milk first?
7) What’s your favorite band?
8) Would you rather explore space or the deep sea?

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