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How To Add Someone on Snapchat Without Looking Desperate

How To Add Someone On Snapchat Without Looking Desperate

Snapchat is the most fun social media platform to be on.

It is young, hip, and energetic, so it is no surprise that the current IT generation prefers to use it over any other social media platform.

Although many appeals to Snapchat make it unique, unlimited and constantly updating filters are the major reasons.

However, if you want to add someone, are shy about approaching them directly, and want this task done discreetly, there are ways to add someone without looking desperate; we have mentioned our best possible ways below.

How To Add Someone on Snapchat Without Looking Desperate

Approaching someone to add on Snapchat can be a daunting task.

Sometimes you just don’t dare to be straightforward and be able to do it. This is why we have listed below our top four ways to add someone on Snapchat without looking desperate.

So without any further ado, the following are they.

Method #1: Add Them Smartly through the Search Column

A search column is the most common way to add someone on Snapchat; however, if you search for someone by their complete name, Snapchat informs them how you added them.

This isn’t the slickest move if you try to add someone discreetly.

This is why there is a hack to do it properly: if, for example, the person you are trying to add name is “Jennifer Alison.”

Then just search “Jennifer Ali” and let Snapchat complete the auto-complete find her, and once you see the profile add them.

Add Them Smartly Through The Search Column Snapchat

Method #2: Use Their Snap Code to Add Them

Every profile on Snapchat has a snap code, so if you know theirs or can find a screenshot of them somewhere, add them using that.

You won’t feel as if you are deliberately making an effort to add them.

This step is a lot smoother than adding them in other ways.

Click On The Profile Icon To Display Snapcode

Method #3: Type Their Mobile Number to Add Them

Type Their Mobile Number To Add Them Snapchat

Snapchat also allows you to add people using their mobile numbers.

Hence, if you have that through a common WhatsApp group or any other situation, try adding it.

It can surely be a slick way of adding them without forcing yourself on them.

Method #4: Add Them through the “Quick Add” Option

One of Snapchat’s best features is the “Quick Add” option, which appears when you have mutual followers/friends.

So if you want to use this method, follow mutual friends and wait for those to appear in your quick add section.

Using The Quick Add Feature

Once they do, pounce on the opportunity as soon as possible to add them. This doesn’t even make you look desperate and gives the image of a simple addition from your end, ensuring your cover of being discrete is intact.

Ways That Look Desperate When You Add Someone on Snapchat

Looking Desperate Chasing

Now that you know how you can add them without being desperate. Let us warn you about the ways that can make you look desperate in front of them.

We recommend staying clear of these ways as much as possible, as they don’t give you the best impression.

Remember, the first impression is the last. If you want to make a lasting impression, the following are the ways to add someone to Snapchat that you must avoid.

Physically Requesting Them

Even if you know the person you want to add to your Snapchat profile, never ask them head-on to add you on Snapchat.

It doesn’t only make you look super desperate but also makes the other person involved uncomfortable.

Consent is a big deal; when you do this, you remove their natural consent. They don’t have the right to choose in this situation. You are pressuring them to add you.

This will fail and leave a bad impression of you in their heart and mind.

Searching Their Complete Name

Want to know stalker 101 habits? It is searching for anyone by their complete name.

We believe it is even worse than asking them face-to-face to add you.

Snapchat has a feature where they tell the other person how they added you; if it tells them you added them by searching them, then the element of playing it cool will go out of the window faster than the speed of light.

It will make you look desperate.

Asking Their Friends for Their Snap Profile

Lastly, on our list of how not to add someone on Snapchat is don’t pry around their friends asking about them.

Neither ask them about their snap profile name nor ask them to help you add them to your profile. This is not only desperate but also gives pathetic vibes. Never do this!

Final Thoughts

Snapchat is one of the most enjoyable social media platforms.

The amount of fun you have on this is incomparable to other social media platforms.

However, there are some basic rules you must learn to follow at all times: you cannot add someone on Snapchat without them knowing.

This is impossible, but it would have been unethical if somehow it was possible.

So always add people with their consent.

However, if you are shy, there are ways to do it discreetly, which we have mentioned in this article.

Try them, and remember to let us know if they worked or not.

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