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How To Send an Anonymous Message on Facebook Messenger?

How To Send An Anonymous Message On Facebook Messenger

As you may know, most social media sites are governed by rules that every user should adhere to, and Facebook Messenger is no different.

The said rules help ensure that each user feels safe and respected when using the site.

That said, Facebook Messenger doesn’t have a feature that allows you to send anonymous messages.

But how can you bypass this shortcoming?

Quick Answer

The only way to send anonymous messages on Facebook Messenger is by creating a fake profile and messaging your target. However, this avenue isn’t advisable as it goes against Messenger policies, and people can still uncover your identity.

To learn everything you need to know about sending anonymous messages on Facebook Messenger, including ways to ensure your identity isn’t discoverable, Read on!

Step-by-Step Guide on Sending Anonymous Messages on Messenger

Given that Messenger doesn’t allow users to send anonymous messages, one of the ways to go around the policy is to create a fake profile.

However, please proceed knowing that this method doesn’t warrant complete anonymity; therefore, resist sending vital or harmful material.

Also, please note that you can’t have a Messenger account if it’s not linked to a viable Facebook account.

With that said, follow the steps below to proceed on your mobile device (you can also use these guidelines for PC):

  1. Launch the Facebook app on your mobile device.Restart The Facebook Android App
  2. Tap on the menu tab in the right corner. Facebook Menu Profile Icon
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page and tap on ‘Log out.’ You will be given the option of either saving your login information before logging out or not saving the information. Preferably, click on the former. Log Out Facebook
  4. Once the app returns to the homepage, tap ‘Create new account.’ Tap On 'Create New Account.'
  5. You will be required to input a bunch of information, such as your two names, birthdates, passwords, and gender. Considering that we are trying to be anonymous, try to input information that doesn’t lead back to you. Enter Bunch Of Information
  6. After that, you must verify your account by linking it to your email address or phone number. Again, use a disposable phone number or create a fake email address. Verify Your Account
  7. Once the above is done, launch the Messenger app. Facebook Messenger Phone
  8. Tap on the hamburger menu icon in the top left corner.Three Line Icon Messenger
  9. Select ‘Switch account‘ from the menu. Select 'Switch Account
  10. Tap ‘Add account,’ then input the disposable phone number/email you used to create the fake account and finish by typing in the password. Tap 'Add Account,'
  11. Type in the Facebook username of the person you are trying to text in the search bar on top of the screen and click search. Type In The Facebook Username
  12. Once their profile appears, tap on it, type your text in the chat box provided, and press the send button, which is depicted as a blue arrow facing the right. The message will go to the “Message requests folder if the recipient doesn’t have you as their friend and you have no mutual friends. Type Your Text In The Chat Box

Tips To Not Get Caught After Sending Anonymous Messages

In this day and age, sending anonymous messages on social media is more so a myth.

There are too many loopholes, and with some considerable effort, it’s easy for your identity to be uncovered.

Therefore, consider these tips before sending harmful material to others because such actions have dire consequences.

However, if you want to send anonymous messages in good faith, say to prank a loved one, below are some tips to prevent anyone from uncovering who you are.

Tip #1: Use a VPN

A good VPN works by altering your device’s IP address giving you a sense of anonymity.

However, your actual IP address might leak in rare circumstances, like when the internet connection falters.

Considering it’s easy for someone to know exactly who you are if they can recognize your IP address, employ this tip cautiously.

Tip #2: Use a Fake Email Address or Phone Number

As previously stated, creating a fake profile is the only way to send anonymous messages.

The problem is Facebook Messenger will require you to authenticate your account with a valid email address or phone number.

Don’t make the mistake of using your real email or phone number, as that will make your identity easily uncovered. Instead, buy a disposable sim card or create a new email address.

Tip #3: Use a Different Network Provider

Your internet provider keeps a footprint of everything you search on the internet, including your social media accounts.

Therefore, to reduce the chances of your identity being uncovered, use a different network provider when creating the fake profile. Alternatively, you can use mobile data instead of WiFi.


Sending anonymous messages isn’t advisable because it eliminates the spirit of transparency that Facebook Messenger abides by.

However, feel free to create a fake profile if you send the message for a harmless purpose, such as tipping the authorities off over illegal activity.

Though fake profiles are not entirely anonymous, you can get away with it if the recipient doesn’t have enough tech expertise to uncover who you are.


Can I send anonymous messages on Messenger using email?

No, you can’t. Facebook once launched a feature that allowed users to send messages from an untraceable email address straight to a Messenger user messages, but they have removed this feature.

Is sending anonymous messages on Messenger via a fake profile illegal?

No, it’s not. However, if you send hateful material, such as death threats or copyrighted material, you will go against the site’s community guidelines, and such actions are punishable.

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