How To Share YouTube Video at Specific Time

How To Share Youtube Video At Specific Time

You can share YouTube videos when you want your friends to enjoy the same content that you are viewing. When sharing the YouTube video, it’s possible to select a specific time when the video you are sharing should start.

It could be you want the person to access the specific section of the video instead of playing it entirely. We will guide you on how that’s possible.

Quick Answer

Sharing YouTube videos is common, especially when you love interacting with YouTube content. Moreover, if you have a blog, you can share the link to a specific time in your video. Open YouTube and access the video you want to share. Next, click the “Share” button below the video. Locate the “Start at” checkbox and tick on it, then select when the video should begin. Lastly, copy the video’s link or the platform where to share the video.

We will detail everything about sharing YouTube videos at a specific time. Moreover, we will see the steps to follow to achieve that. Stick around!

Can You Share YouTube Videos?

Yes, you can. YouTube is free to use and has a collection of tons of videos. There is plenty you can enjoy when watching YouTube, and you can also upload your content if you have a YouTube channel.

You may find a video worth sharing with friends when watching YouTube videos. For instance, it could be a resourceful video or a comedy you should share with your friend.

You can share the video by copying its link or selecting the platform to share it, then selecting the target person. When the friend receives the shared link, they can click on it and access the same content.

YouTube has no restrictions regarding sharing of videos, and you can use the simple steps below to share a YouTube video.

  1. Open YouTube on your device.
  2. Find the video you want to share.
  3. Copy the video’s URL and share it as a message to your friend.
  4. Alternatively, click the video to play it.
  5. Below the video, locate and click the “Share” button.
  6. Copy the video’s link or select a platform to share the video.

That’s how you can quickly share YouTube videos.

How To Share YouTube Videos at Specific Time

Although we’ve seen how you can share a YouTube video, the above method doesn’t give you room to highlight the specific time when sharing the video. Imagine a case where the video you want to share is long, but you are only interested in sharing a section of it. How do you achieve that?

The solution is to highlight the specific time in the video when sharing the video. That way, when the person receives the shared video as a link, tapping it will ensure the video starts playing at the specified start time.

Here’s how you share a YouTube video at a specific time.

  1. Open YouTube on your device.
  2. Locate the video you want to share by searching for it.
  3. Click on the video to play it.
  4. Below the video, find and click the “Share” button.
  5. Locate and click the “Start at” checkbox.
  6. Set the time when the video should start playing.
  7. Once you’ve set the time, proceed to share the video. You can copy the link or select the platform to share the video from those listed in the section.

Your friend will receive the shared link to the YouTube video. Once they click on it, the video will open on their YouTube and start playing from the specific time you added when sharing it. That way, they won’t have to watch the entire video to find the particular section you wanted to highlight something in the video.


It’s possible to share a YouTube video at a specific time when the section you want to highlight is not at the starting point of the YouTube video.

This post has detailed the steps to share YouTube videos at a specific time. Have fun!

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