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How To See Snapchat Best Friends

How To See Snapchat Best Friends

Snapchat is one of the most popular social media apps today, with over 530 million active users. With so many updates over the years, it’s hard to keep up with the changes. And one of those changes has included a Best Friends feature which is excellent. But if you’re not sure how to see Snapchat best friends, it can be a little frustrating trying to work around it.

Short Answer

To see your best friends on Snapchat – open the app, swipe left to reach the Chats screen, and tap on the New chat option. If you have been snapping friends for a while, they will appear under the Best Friends list. On the Chat screen, you can see emojis next to a person’s name. This also shows best friend status.

Can’t see your best friends? That means you haven’t snapped your friends long enough. Keep sending snaps until you guys become best friends.

If you’re having trouble seeing your best friends on the app, we will cover exactly how to see them in 3 simple steps!

How To See Snapchat Best Friends in Three Steps

Here’s the quickest way to see your best friends on the app.

Step #1: Open Snapchat on Your Android or iPhone

Open your Snapchat app – somewhere on your phone, find a yellow icon with a white ‘boo’ ghost. You can’t miss it.

You may have to log in if you haven’t yet. Enter either your username or email and then your password.

Once you’re logged in, you’ll get taken straight to the camera screen.

Step #2: Go to the Chat Screen

Swipe left on the camera screen, and you should be on the Chat screen.

Step #3: Open New Chat

Click on New Chat (blue icon at the bottom of the right corner), and you’ll see the Best Friends list.

Alternative way: On the camera screen, take a picture and click Send To. You’ll see your “Best Friends” list at the top.


Now you know the quickest way to see your Snapchat best friends. Simply open the app and swipe left to the chat screen. Click on ‘New Chat’ and see who your best friend is right in front of you. Or, take a picture from the camera screen and click ‘Send To,’ and see your best friends that way.

If you can’t see your best friends, you haven’t snapped them long enough for the app to register them as close friends. Keep sending snaps to them, and go through the 3-step guide above until you see your Snapchat best friends! If you’d like more information on Snapchat’s ‘best friends’ feature, click here to go straight to their website to learn more.


How Does Someone Become a Best Friend on Snapchat?

The only way to get a best friend on Snapchat is to snap and chat with that person regularly.

Why Can’t I See My Snapchat Best Friends?

This could mean you haven’t been snapping long enough to make them a best friend on the app. Keep snapping with that person until you become best friends.

Who Can See My Snapchat Best Friends?

You’re the only person who can see your best friends on the app. This is a good thing! Would you want your friends bickering over who takes the top place on your friends’ list? No? Exactly. We suggest you keep this to yourself as well as keep doing you!

How Can I Tell Who My Best Friend Is on Snapchat?

There’s a special emoji fixed next to their name that makes them stand out from the rest of your friends.

Alternatively, just take a picture or video from the camera screen within the app and click ‘Send To’ and you’ll see the best friend list. The other option is to swipe left from the camera screen and click on ‘New Chat,’ where you can see your best friends at the top.

How Do I Change My Snapchat Best Friend?

The only way to change them is to stop snapping with them as much and then the best friend status disappears at some time.

How Many Best Friends Can I Have?

You can have up to eight. And yes, we know. We also wish you could have more, but that’s the rule!

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