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How To See Likes on Facebook

How To See Likes On Facebook

You must have left lots of likes if you’ve been active on Facebook for quite some time. You can’t possibly scroll through everything you’ve liked on the platform. Is there a way to view likes on Facebook?

Quick Answer

The “Activity log” houses every post you’ve liked on Facebook. Therefore, to see your ‘likes’ you’ll have to access the “Activity log.” You can access it via your app or the browser and view everything you’ve liked on Facebook. Select a category and check all the likes in each category.

Here is an extensive review of how to view likes on Facebook.

How To See All Likes on Facebook

Facebook keeps a log of activities you engage in, including likes on the platform. Therefore, check your “Activity log” to see every post or page you’ve liked on Facebook. Use these steps.

Facebook App

  1. Launch the app on your device.
  2. Click the homepage Menu (hamburger icon).
  3. Access your profile.
  4. Tap the three-dotted button next to “Edit profile.”
  5. Tap “Activity log.”
  6. Select “Interactions” and tap “Likes and reaction.”

You can choose to view your likes per date or category. Tap the filter button and choose “Date” to view your yearly likes. If you prefer the category option, select “Category” and check the likes in each category.

Facebook Lite

Use Facebook lite if you’re low on data and wish to see your likes on Facebook. Use these steps on Facebook lite.

  1. Tap the Facebook lite app icon.
  2. Click the Menu and select your username.
  3. Click the three-dotted icon on your profile.
  4. Click “Activity log.”
  5. Select “Interactions.”
  6. Go to “Likes and reactions.”
  7. A page with all your likes will appear on your screen.


  1. Open Facebook and log in.
  2. Head to your profile.
  3. Click the ellipsis (three dots) beneath the “Edit profile” button.
  4. Go to “Activity log.”
  5. Tap “Interactions.”
  6. Select “Likes and reactions.”


  1. Open Facebook and log in.
  2. Tap the person icon (Account) on your homepage. 
  3. Select “Settings & privacy.”
  4. Click “Activity log.”
  5. Scroll to “Interactions.”
  6. Tap “LIkes and reactions.”

How To View All the Pages You’ve Liked on Facebook

The “Activity log” also keeps all your liked pages. Access the log and view your liked pages through these steps.

Facebook App

There are two options to view the liked pages via the Facebook app.

  1. Start the app.
  2. Click the Menu (hamburger icon).
  3. Tap your username to access your profile.
  4. Tap a three-dotted button beside “Edit profile.”
  5. Select “Activity log.”
  6. Swipe to the right on the quick access bar and select the “Page likes” tab.

You’ll see the pages you’ve liked on Facebook. Facebook will tell you the date, month, and year you liked each page on the list. The steps of the second option:

  1. Open your Facebook app.
  2. Tap the Menu.
  3. Click your Username.
  4. Tap the three-dotted button on the profile page.
  5. Select “Activity log.”
  6. Go to the “Connections” tab.
  7. Scroll to “Pages, pages likes and interests.”


  1. Open Facebook and log in.
  2. Access your profile.
  3. Click the three-dotted button on the profile page.
  4. Select “Activity log.”
  5. Scroll to “Connections.”
  6. Go to “Pages, page likes and interests.”
  7. You’ll see all your liked pages on your right.


  1. Access your Facebook through your browser.
  2. Click the person icon on your homepage.
  3. Pick “Settings & privacy.”
  4. Click “Activity log.”
  5. Select the “Connections” option.
  6. Navigate to “Pages, page likes and interests.”
  7. A “Pages, page likes and interests” screen will appear on the right.

Wrapping Up

Chances are you’ve liked multiple photos, updates, comments, or pages as you browsed through Facebook. Facebook users post updates, create interesting pages, or upload beautiful images on the platform each day. The more you interact with such content, the more you hit the “Like” button on Facebook. Fortunately, it’s possible to track your likes on Facebook. You can take a look at all the liked posts or comments. You will also see the pages you visited and hit the like button. The “Activity log” will display the date you left a like on the platform.


Is there a means to see someone else’s likes on Facebook?

When you visit someone else’s profile, you’ll notice that you cannot view their “Activity log.” Facebook removed the ability to see someone else’s activities via their profile. Therefore, it’s hard to see their liked pages or posts. Occasionally, you may see things they favorite while on the platform on your feed. But this will depend on your interactions and level of friendship on Facebook.

Can I block other users from seeing the number of likes on my Facebook post?

Yes, you can. Go to Facebook Settings and select the “Settings & privacy” option. Tap “Settings.” Scroll to “Reaction preference.” Turn on the “On your posts” option to hide likes on posts you share. If you wish to conceal likes on other people’s posts, switch on the “On posts from others” option.

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