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How To Rate a Seller on Facebook

How To Rate A Seller On Facebook

Facebook allows sellers to offer their items for sale on the Facebook marketplace, and anyone on Facebook can interact with the seller and eventually make a purchase. Facebook uses the ratings given to a seller to display how successful a seller is based on the ratings they get from buyers. Besides, you can only leave a rating if you’ve interacted with the seller or made a purchase.

Quick Answer

To rate a seller on Facebook, you must access the Facebook marketplace on your Facebook account. Locate the chat you’ve made with the particular seller, and once you click on it, you will see the option for rating the seller and selecting a facial that represents your experience. Also, you can add a reason for your rating and click “Done” to save the rating.

This guide will help you understand what the Facebook marketplace is. Further, it will present the steps to follow when you want to rate a seller you’ve communicated with or purchased their item. Lastly, we will discuss other users’ questions regarding the Facebook marketplace.

What Is Facebook Marketplace?

Facebook is more than interacting with your friends. You have the option of buying various items via the Facebook marketplace. A seller uploads their products and prices, and anyone on Facebook can view the seller’s various products and purchase the item.

Furthermore, Facebook has added new features that allow buyers to rate their experience with their sellers. Moreover, if you have issues with a seller, you can report them to Facebook for necessary actions to be taken.

How Can I Rate a Seller on Facebook?

Having interacted with a seller on the Facebook marketplace, you can rate them and leave feedback based on your experience with them. Note that Facebook only allows you to rate sellers after interacting with them or making a purchase. That way, it protects the platform from misleading ratings.

Also, you have 14 days to rate the seller, and their ratings will display after you rate them. Sellers, too, can rate you as the buyer.

The steps below will guide you on how to rate a seller on Facebook.

  1. Open your Facebook account on your mobile app. Restart The Facebook Android App
  2. Access the Facebook marketplace by clicking on the Marketplace icon at the top of the screen. Marketplace Icon Facebook
  3. Click on the Person icon at the top next to the search icon. Person Icon Facebook Marketplace
  4. Click “All Buying Activities” and locate the chat you made with the seller. Buying Activities
  5. Click on the “Rate Seller” option at the top of your screen. Rate Seller Option
  6. To rate the seller, choose a star rating that represents your experience. Choose A Star Rating
  7. Optionally, add the reason for your rating and click the “Submit” button. Click The Submit Button

With that, you’ve successfully rated your buying experience on your Facebook marketplace. Also, you can only leave a seller rating on Messenger, but only if you’ve messaged the seller or have made a purchase from them.


The Facebook marketplace is a great feature provided by Facebook to allow buyers and sellers to interact. We’ve seen how you can rate a seller based on the interactions or purchases that you made with them.

Remember that sellers can also rate buyers, and the steps above will guide you on rating sellers on the Facebook marketplace.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Rate Sellers on Facebook?

Yes, you can rate sellers on the Facebook marketplace. However, there are conditions that you must satisfy before rating a seller. You must have messaged the seller or bought some items to rate them. Besides, you have 14 days within which you can rate the seller. After the 14 days, there is no option for you to rate them.

Should I Rate Sellers on Facebook Marketplace?

Yes, you should. Facebook marketplace is a platform; when you rate sellers and give a reason, it helps sellers better their services. Besides, it’s a good way of appreciating a seller you enjoyed interacting with and motivating them to keep up to attract and retain more buyers.

Can I Trust Facebook Marketplace?

Yes, you can. Facebook marketplace is a legit platform under Facebook, with measures that ensure you can trust it and the activities you conduct. Besides, you can easily report a buyer or seller on the platform for Facebook to intervene, investigate the case, and take action.

Can I Know Who Rated Me on Facebook Marketplace?

No, you can’t. Facebook ensures the privacy of the buyer or seller who made a rating is kept private. The much you can do is to access your Facebook account and view the ratings you’ve received and those you’ve made for other buyers or sellers.

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