How To Tell if a YouTube Video Is Monetized

How To Tell If A Youtube Video Is Monetized

YouTube creators start channels for various reasons, including sharing their passion with an audience and making a living through monetization.

Creators can monetize their channels through YouTube’s Partner Programs (YPP) ad revenue, paid partnerships, sponsorships, affiliate programs, and selling merchandise. But how do you tell if a YouTube video is monetized?

Quick Answer

Firstly, the channel meets YPP’s monetization requirements, and the video runs ads. Secondly, the video has a “Thanks” option for viewers to tip the creator. Thirdly, the video description includes affiliate or sponsored links, or the creator mentions sponsored brands in the video. Lastly, there is a merchandise shelf below the video description.

This post overviews YouTube monetization and shows how to tell if a YouTube video is monetized.

Overview of YouTube Monetization

YouTube is one of the leading platforms where creators can make money by monetizing their videos. It offers various monetization routes, including the ad-based YouTube Partnership Program (YPP), affiliate programs, paid partnerships, and selling merchandise.

The ad-based YPP is the primary way most YouTube creators earn revenue. For this reason, most consumers check for the presence of ads on a video to tell if it’s monetized.

However, that is not a reliable way to gauge if a video is monetized on YouTube. This is because YouTube places ads on all ad-friendly videos, whether or not they are in the YPP program. But how can you tell if a YouTube video is monetized?

You may want to know if a video is monetized for various reasons. You may be curious or want to know if a recommendation is genuine or sponsored. Whatever the reason, we will show you how to tell if a YouTube video is monetized.

How To Tell if a YouTube Video Is Monetized

While there is no direct way to tell apart a monetized video from a non-monetized one, there are tell-tale signs that indicate the creator is making money from the video. Here are the tell-tale signs to tell if a YouTube video is monetized.

The Channel Meets YPP Requirements

Ad revenue is one of the oldest ways through which content creators earn from their content. YouTube shares ad revenue with creators through the YPP.

Once a channel meets the YPP requirements, the creator can enable monetization and earn money through ad placement.

These requirements include 500 subscribers, three uploads in the last 90 days, and at least 3000 watch hours. If a channel meets these requirements and the video runs ads, that video will likely be monetized.

The “Thanks Option on the Video

YouTube creators can put a “Thanks” option on their videos for willing viewers to appreciate their work. An interested viewer clicks on the option, which leads to a payment link where they can tip the creator.

Also known as “Super Thanks,” this option indicates the video is monetized. However, you can’t tell if the creator is earning money through it because only they can see tips and donations from their YouTube Studio dashboard.

Sponsorships and Affiliate Links

Brands and corporations partner with YouTube creators to promote their products and services to the creators’ audience. The creator mentions the product or service in their video at a fee.

Check the following to tell if a YouTube video is monetized through sponsorships and paid programs.

  • The creator mentions a brand or service in the video introduction, within, or at the end of the video.
  • Affiliate links in the video description.
  • A clear indication that the video is a paid partnership in the video or description.

Merchandise Shelf

YouTube lets creators sell merchandise to their audience, including branded merchandise, courses, and cookbooks. However, the channel needs to meet specific requirements:

  • Have at least 1000 subscribers.
  • Be approved for monetization.
  • Show videos not made for kids.
  • Be set up in a region where the YouTube Partner Program is available.

When YPP approves the merchandise shelf, it will show on the channel home page, below or next to videos, as a shopping button on the video, or as pinned products in live streams. For this reason, the video is monetized if you see the merch shelf next to, below, or in the video.

Wrapping Up

There is no direct way to tell if a YouTube video is monetized. However, there are various indicators a video may be generating income. The first clue is ad placement on a video whose channel meets YPP requirements.

Moreover, a video is monetized if it has affiliate links in the description, recommends sponsored products, or has a merch shelf below it.

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