How To Not Get Doxxed on Discord

How To Not Get Doxxed On Discord

What started as a gamer’s hub currently accommodates different audiences.

Discord is a VoIP messaging platform different audiences use for their communication needs.

You can create a server and its channels on Discord and invite people to join it. When members join, you need rules to moderate activities.

Unfortunately, some members could be targeting to dox others.

So, how do you ensure you do not get doxxed on Discord?

Quick Answer

Getting doxxed involves your data getting leaked. So, ensure you don’t share your details on Discord or click on any links someone ends to you on Discord. Also, use a VPN to mask your IP and actual address. Avoid answering online quizzes that reveal your information and enable two-factor authentication. Moreover, constantly update your passwords as data breaches occur regularly. For a Discord server, create roles and enforce the verification of members.

We will understand what getting doxxed on Discord means and how you can get doxxed. Also, we will discuss different ways to avoid getting doxxed on Discord and present methods to avoid not getting doxxed on Discord.

What Does Doxxed Mean?

Discord associates you with your username; anyone on a server can tag your username or message you using your username.

However, that’s not the only information that is available about you.

When someone wants to attack you due to a personal grudge, they can decide to expose your information online.

The aim is to dig in on your information, such as IP addresses, physical addresses, full names, etc., and share this information online to risk your security.

Doxxing is a term used to describe an attack to reveal someone’s personal information online.

It is mainly used for online harassment or as revenge for bullying someone. There have been different doxing cases where the loser ends up making it their goal to dox the other player after playing a game.

The attacker works towards getting small pieces of information about the target. They then join the small pieces and leak the identity of a Discord user behind a given username.

That way, anyone can view their IP address, physical address, full name, email, etc.

The risks of getting doxxed are plenty, as the data makes you vulnerable to attack.

How To Not Get Doxxed on Discord

Many users have gotten doxxed on Discord, where the attacker utilizes different tricks to gather information about the victim.

If you’ve been a victim of getting doxxed or someone looking to avoid such an instance, there are different approaches you can use.

Tip #1: Use a VPN

Using your actual IP address can get you doxxed when the attacker obtains it.

Install Vpn On Your Phone

Your IP address links to your physical location. Hence, when creating a Discord account, it’s a good idea to use a VPN provider to mask your IP address and use another.

That way, your address will remain hidden even if you get doxxed.

Tip #2: Enable Two-Factor Authentication

One way of adding an extra security layer for your account to prevent getting doxxed is by adding two-factor authentication.

With 2FA enabled, an attacker can’t compromise your account, and when they try to, you will get notified.

Enable Two Factor Authentication

Tip #3: Don’t Click on Suspicious Links

Don’t Click On Suspicious Links

Most attackers share malicious links on Discord servers for unknowing members to click on them and fail to the bait.

The link targets stealing your personal information by luring you to add details to win a lottery or join a promotion program. Once you add your details, you make yourself vulnerable.

Tip #4: Limit the Information You Share

Limit The Information You Share

Suppose you love sharing your information, such as the physical location, for any reason.

Giving out your details makes it easy to be doxxed, as someone can create a pattern of your information and eventually generate all your information to reveal your identity.

Tip #5: Avoid Online Quizzes

Avoid Online Quizzes

Sometimes you may encounter different online quizzes on Discord servers.

While answering these quizzes is fun, you risk giving out your information to an attacker who can gradually gather all details required to dox you.

Tip #6: Update Passwords

Another common way people get doxxed is when there is a data breach and they fail to update their passwords.

Change Your Discord Password

You should work towards regularly updating your passwords to minimize the risks of getting hacked.

Tip #7: Enforce Server User Verification

Enforce Server User Verification

As a server owner, invite a verification bot to verify new users and detect spamming links shared in the server.

That way, you will minimize the chances of your members getting doxxed through spamming attacks.


Getting doxxed violates your privacy.

Discord doesn’t reveal your information, but someone can reveal your information to the public when you get doxxed.

We’ve discussed seven tips to help you not get doxxed on Discord.

Follow them and stay safe.

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