How To Not Be Awkward on FaceTime With Your Crush

How To Not Be Awkward On Facetime With Your Crush

Facetime is an excellent app for family and friends to catch up conveniently. Sometimes you may want to have a Facetime with your crush, and you are worried it may turn out awkward.

Well, the good news is that your Facetime conversation with your crush doesn’t have to be awkward because this guide has secret tips that can make it a success!

Quick Answer

Awkwardness during Facetime with your crush arises when you are unprepared for the talk and have nothing to say to each other. Thus, the first thing you must ensure is that you have a few words you will say to make the conversation interesting. If you can have a story to tell, that would be better. Moreover, it is important to be in a neat private room to avoid awkwardness.

Many people have postponed Facetime calls with their crush because they feel it would be awkward. That is why this guide has done extensive research and presented ten tips that guarantee your talk won’t be awkward.

How To Not Be Awkward on FaceTime With Your Crush Using 10 Best Tips

Facetime conversations are always the best when talking to one of your best friends or family. Conversations with friends and family have never felt awkward because you have something in common to talk about.

Also, if you want to have a conversation with your crush, the following ten tips will help you prepare well and ensure the conversation is not awkward.

Find a Private Place

When you want to talk to your crush, you don’t want to be in a surrounding where people listen to what you are saying. If you share your room with others, it would be best to go and pace in a quiet environment where your crush won’t complain about not hearing you.

Ensure Your Room Is Neat

If you decide to hold the Facetime conversation in your room, ensure it is tidy. It is not a must you clean the place thoroughly, but ensuring there is no trash in your background is enough not to raise questions from your crush. It would be very awkward if someone commented on how untidy your room looks when you are not yet friends.  

Find Interesting Topics To Talk About

The common reason that talks with crushes never go far is a lack of things to discuss. When speaking with your best friend, you always have so much in common and interesting stories to talk about that you must end the call because of time.

Therefore, if you are planning a Facetime call with your crush, have a few topics in mind you will have to talk about. Having topics in mind will start the conversation and make it easy for it to flow continuously.

Find the Best Posture

You don’t want your crush to feel weird when your camera is not positioned well, funnily portraying you. If you use your phone, ensure you hold it at eye level and position your face in the center.

Some people make it awkward when they hold their camera and notice it is pointing at the ceiling or making their facial parts appear funnily. Finding a stand to hold your phone would be better if you know you may tilt your arm.

Don’t Spend Much Time on Pleasantries

It is obvious to start conversations with greetings, but if you spend too much time exchanging greetings, your Facetime will be awkward. It would be best to jump into something interesting after you say hello, to get the conversation started.

Remember, an interesting conversation is created at the beginning, and if you find something interesting to talk about after greetings, the conversation may flow by itself. For example, you can start a conversation as shown here “Hey! Congratulations on your win yesterday. What are your plans?”

Make the Conversation Interesting

The worst thing that can happen during Facetime with your crush is bringing up boring topics. Boring topics may shorten the conversation because no one wishes to spend too much time on a boring conversation. If possible, prepare a few icebreakers ahead of time to boost the mood of the conversation.

Ensure Your Conversation Has Open-Ended Questions

People are never ready for what to talk about. Using questions on your call will help to prolong the conversation and make it lively. Moreover, you would not love it when you discover you are the only one speaking much and the other party is silent.

Therefore, it is better to come up with open-ended questions you can ask the other person and give them a chance to talk more about themselves.

Know the Interests of Your Crush

It is encouraged to tell interesting stories during your call, and it would be best if the stories align with the other party’s interests. Therefore, it is best to learn a little bit about your crush such that you would know what they will be interested in.

Make the Other Party Comfortable

The worst thing that can happen during your video chat is putting someone in a situation where he feels embarrassed. The conversation will be better when you stick to topics that don’t make a person uncomfortable.

Therefore, avoid such topics if you think someone is uncomfortable talking about a given topic.

Avoid Long Conversations

A long Facetime conversation may get boring or awkward. Therefore, after you feel you have talked enough, cut the conversation short and say you have other things to attend to. This is encouraged, especially when you feel the conversation is not flowing anymore and you both are silent for a little too long.

You can politely excuse yourself and let your crush know you enjoyed having the conversation.


Are you planning for a Facetime call with your crush? Use the ten best tips discussed in this post to make it more interesting and avoid awkwardness. Moreover, the post has explained tips if you don’t know how to prepare for the chat.

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