How To Move Discord to Another Monitor

How To Move Discord To Another Monitor

Having many monitors help users to achieve their various tasks. When you want to dedicate one of your monitors to primary functions, you may not want it to have Discord running on it.

Thus, you may need to move Discord to a second monitor to preserve your other monitor.

Many users have expressed disappointment when Discord fails to move to another monitor, but this guide presents solutions!

Quick Answer

You can use a few methods to move Discord to another monitor. You can move Discord to another monitor by dragging and dropping Discord on your desired monitor. Also, you can use the restore and move method, as this guide will explain.

Many users have expressed disappointment when Discord cannot move to a second monitor. This guide has presented the various methods for moving Discord and how to make Discord stop opening on the primary screen. Let’s start!

How To Move Discord to Another Monitor

A few Discord users have expressed how Discord keeps opening on the primary screen despite wanting to have it open on another monitor.

If you have encountered the problem, Discord presents various ways of moving Discord to another monitor, as explained in the guide.

Method #1: Using Drag and Drop

  1. Tap on the top of the Discord window in the primary monitor to bring it to focus.
  2. Use your mouse to drag Discord to a second monitor.
  3. Drop it on the desired screen.

Method #2: Using the Restore and Move Method

  1. Ensure Discord is running on the primary monitor.
  2. Hover on the Discord icon running on your computer.
  3. Choose the “Miniature Preview” option.
  4. Right-click the preview and click the “Restore” option.
  5. Right-click the restored window panel and click the “Move” option.
  6. Use the arrow keys to move the Discord window to the desired monitor.

Method #3: Using Shortcut Keys

If the above methods don’t work, you can use a shortcut key on a Windows computer to move your Discord, as explained below.

  1. Hit the Windows icon + Shift + Arrow keys simultaneously.
  2. Use the right keyboard arrow to point where the other monitor is located.

The Discord screen will be hopped automatically in the direction of your chosen arrow.

Once you have moved the Discord screen, it is suitable to save the screen on the other monitor, as explained in the following section.

Method #4: Using a Third Party-Software

The use of third-party tools is not recommended, but you can try it if none of the methods works.

One of the recognized software you can use to move Discord to another monitor is Microsoft PowerToys, and you can check on its working from the official site.

How To Save a Discord Screen on Another Monitor

Many users have had the issue with Discord opening on the primary monitor alone because of the full screen. When the app is open in full screen, one must move it to another monitor every time your system reboots.

Therefore, running the Windowed mode of Discord is a simple trick that will ensure Discord runs on another monitor every time you open your screens.

  1. Reduce the Discord size to half on the other monitor.
  2. Don’t maximize the screen if you don’t want to close Discord on the second screen.
  3. Click Windows tab + Shift + Enter and save the current location and location you set for a window.

The above steps will ensure the next time you open your monitor; it will open on the other monitor.

Once you are done with moving Discord to another monitor, end the running process by using the steps below:

  1. Find the Discord icon from the taskbar and quit.
  2. Use the task manager to terminate all running processes.


When you don’t want Discord opening on your primary monitor, you may be frustrated when all efforts to move it to another monitor don’t work.

The guide has explained the various methods for moving Discord to another monitor.

If you want detailed instructions, this guide has covered you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Discord not moving to another monitor?

The issue of Discord not moving from the primary monitor has been linked to using Discord in full-screen mode on the other screen. A few users have expressed that using Discord on a minimized screen will save one the hassle of moving Discord to another screen every time the computer reboots.

How can I move Discord to another monitor?

The drag-and-drop method is a simple way of moving Discord from the primary screen. You can focus your mouse on the Discord screen, drag it to a desirable screen, and set it to half the window.

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