How To Make Glitch Text in Discord

How To Make Glitch Text In Discord

Social media accounts are all about creating fun.

On a platform like Discord, especially in a text channel, there is no harm in spicing the fun by creating glitchy or corrupted text.

You can easily convert any text to a glitch text and use it for communication in Discord.

That way, people viewing your text will see the glitch text; if they are keen and sharp, they will know what it means.

We will see how to make glitch text in Discord.

Quick Answer

Although Discord has plenty of text formatting features, it lacks the glitch text feature. So, to use glitch text in Discord, we must use a third-party glitch text converter. There are plenty of them online. So, once you find a glitch text converter, type the normal text you want to convert and generate its glitch text. Next, copy the generated glitch text converter, open Discord, paste the copied glitch text, and send it to your friends.

We will understand what a glitch text means. Afterward, we will see the steps for generating glitch text in Discord. Let’s dive in!

What Does “Glitch Text” Mean?

A glitch text is also referred to as a zalgo text. The glitch text is created from the “diacritics” Unicode. With Unicode, you can stack up numerous diacritics to generate a corrupted language when applied to normal text.

Ideally, the glitch text converter takes normal text as input and applies it to the stacked-up diacritics. The result is a glitch text.

The idea behind glitch text is to make text stand out and create an interesting conversation, especially since different glitch text converters offer room to customize how to generate the glitch text.

The level of craziness of the generated glitch text depends on you.

It gets better since you can post the generated glitch text on different social media platforms.

All it takes is a simple copy and paste, and your glitch text will be shared with your target audience. Besides, there are numerous glitch-text converter tools online, most of which are free.

How To Make Glitch Text in Discord

Glitch text offers a fun way of communicating on Discord. When you are sharing DMs or in a text channel, you can use glitch text to chat with friends, but how do you make glitch text in Discord?

Here’s the thing, Discord doesn’t have a glitch text feature. However, it allows you to use third-party glitch-text convertors, then copy and paste the generated text. That way, you get to use glitch text on Discord.

Here’s a detailed guide on using glitch text on Discord:

  1. Open your browser and search for “glitch-text converters.” Various tools will pop up. Click on any of them.
    Examples: LingoJam and ExoticFonts.Click On Lingojam
  2. On the glitch-text converter page, find the text box where you insert the text you want to convert and then generate equivalent glitch text.Type Your Text In The Text Box
  3. Next, copy the generated glitch text.Copy The Superscript
  4. Open the Discord application.Launch Discord On Your Pc
  5. Open the DM or text channel where you want to use the glitch text.Open The Conversation
  6. On the chat box, paste the copied glitch text.Paste The Text On The Chat Box
  7. Hit the Enter key to send the glitch text on Discord.Send The Message

That’s how you make glitch text on Discord. With the presented steps, you can generate any glitch text for any text you have in mind and use it on your Discord.


Using glitch text on Discord is not a challenging task.

All that’s needed is to find a glitch-text converter tool online, type the text you want to convert, copy the generated glitch text, and paste it on your Discord text channel.

We’ve presented all the steps you should follow.

That’s it. You can now make your glitch text on Discord.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Discord support glitch text?

Discord doesn’t have a glitch text formatting feature. However, you can use a third-party tool to generate and paste the glitch text on Discord.

How can I make glitch text on Discord?

First, open your browser and search for a glitch-text convertor. Next, type the text you want to convert and copy the generated glitch text. Open your Discord, paste the copied glitch text into your DM or text channel, and send it to the target person.

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