How To Make Discord Bot Public?

How To Make Discord Bot Public

Discord is a free text, voice, and video communication platform. Gaming communities and developers predominantly use it to share ideas and learn with one another.

With hundreds of millions of active users, private and public bots help admins to run activities in their chat rooms. But how do you make a Discord bot public?

Quick Answer

Go to Discord.com/developers and log in with your Discord ID. Click on ‘Applications’ and navigate to the bot you wish to make public. Click on the ‘Bot’ tab and toggle on the ‘Public Bot’ option.

This article will cover how to make your Discord bot public using the Discord developers’ platform. You will also learn important public bots that you can use to enhance your Discord experience.

Discord Bots

Discord bots are designed to perform specific tasks as required by the admin. These tasks can range from sending and receiving messages and managing servers.

They work by connecting to the Discord API and are usually written in JavaScript or Python. Discord users can interact with the bots by sending commands to make them perform specific actions.

Bots make community building easier for admins and save you the stress of carrying out every activity. They are especially useful for servers with a large number of users.

Making a Discord Bot Public

After creating your bot, you can set it up as public or private. Anyone with a Discord ID can add a public bot on Discord. A private bot is one that only the creator can invite.

This is a great option for beta bots and other bots with specialized actions. Ensure that your bot is online and responsive before activating this setting.

Here is how to make a Discord bot public:

  1. Go to Discord.com/developers on your favorite browser.
  2. Click on the application that contains the particular bot.
  3. Click on the ‘Bot‘ tab in the left navigation.
  4. Toggle on the ‘Public Bot‘ option.

Once you do this, your bot automatically becomes public to be used by other Discord users.

Top Bots on Discord

There are many bots out there that most likely do what you need as an admin. Instead of making one from scratch, you can incorporate them into your server.

Here is a list of the most used bots on Discord.

Giveaway Bots

These are popular bots that help you show appreciation to your team members. Giveaway bots help you to start a giveaway and select the winner using simple commands.

This means you do not need manual work to interact with your members. Organizing regular giveaways keeps your followers engaged and increases your followers organically.


These are bots you can configure to deliver welcome messages to new members of your server. These messages are crafted by you and contain your personal touch, which delivers your personality to group members.

ProBots also helps you flag bad behavior on the platform and warn such members or kick them out automatically if necessary.

You can program a hierarchy of offenses with distinct commands that either warn or kick out an offender. For example, if your ProBot flags an obscene image, they know what action to take.

ProBots are well-built and very active, so they are less likely to fail. They help you to keep the group on track.

Uptime Bot

This is the type of bot that monitors your average activeness as an administrator. They register when you are online, idle, or in ‘Do not disturb mode.’

The uptime bot can help regulate your groups more effectively by calculating this time. They only collect your total time online, your Discord ID, and your account name.

Meme Bots

There is a strong meme culture on Discord, which has brought about meme bots. These bots allow you to create, manipulate and gamble with memes within minutes.

You can generate multiple variants of memes using prefix commands.

Music Bots

Music bots such as Rhythm are popular among music lovers on the platform. They provide the best listening experience possible for people who listen to music on the server.

They link music from different sources like Twitch, YouTube, and SoundCloud to curate music that is lag free. Some music bots come with lyric support, autopay, and extra commands.

Organizational Bots

Organizational bots help you manage schedules, set reminders, and create events. They are usually easy to use and work with, and you can integrate them with your Google Calendar.

Group admins widely use them to set up communal experiences on their servers.

In Conclusion

Discord is a fast-rising platform for gaming and technology communities. Discord bots are a great way to manage servers and simplify community managers’ jobs.

You can make your Discord bot public and allow other users to benefit from your product.

You need not worry. You can make your Discord bot public from the Discord developer website. The process to achieve this is explained in this article.


Are Discord bots safe?

Discord bots are generally safe to use as they are legitimate parts of the platform. However, some bots can be unsafe as they expose you to hacking, leaking data, or spamming.

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