How To Make a WhatsApp Group Interesting?

How To Make A Whatsapp Group Interesting

WhatsApp groups should be active and interesting throughout the time they exist. The number of people you have on your WhatsApp does not matter because the end goal should be to keep the group alive and exciting.

Both small and large groups have the potential to be fun despite the main agenda of the group. However, everyone in the group led by the group admin needs to be proactive to make it happen.

Quick Answer

You can make a WhatsApp group interesting by setting some group rules, playing games, having questions and answer sessions, inclusivity, having a common goal, and sharing memes and lifehacks.

This post will give you an overview of some things you can do to make a WhatsApp group enjoyable. You can use the tips if you want to start a WhatsApp group or already have one.

Idea #1: Set Some Group Rules

Set Some Group Rules Whatsapp

Any existing group requires some rules and regulations, and WhatsApp groups are not exempt. Having solid rules is one of the few ways to keep people together. It allows group members to maintain mutual respect, which is necessary for any group that wants to thrive.

Some group rules could be about how people should relate to one another. For example, insults should not be allowed as they cause tension within the group.

Another group rule could be about what people are allowed to post on the forum and what is prohibited. For example, you could have a rule that no one should publish any racist comments or posts.

Where rules exist, the group members will enjoy being in a group with mutual respect.

Idea #2: Ask Questions

Ask Questions Whatsapp

You can slot in time for question-and-answer sessions in the WhatsApp group. The questions could be about anything like the trending topics on Twitter. You could also make the people easy by letting them know they can ask questions as long as everything remains respectful.

The questions could also be professional or related to something most group members like and enjoy. You will realize that people will start connecting and interacting with each other.

A WhatsApp group becomes interesting and valuable when the members know they can learn something from that community. It all starts with the recommended question-and-answer sessions.

Idea #3: Have a Common Goal

You can make a WhatsApp group interesting by ensuring you have a common goal or something you are working toward as a group. For example, you can read one book every month and then have brief discussions at the end of the month.

Another common goal could be fitness goals, where the members set daily or weekly targets. It is an interesting way of keeping people together and accountable.

When people have a common goal, they have a solid reason to stay intact. You can always look for something to keep people together as an admin. Also, ask the members for their opinions on what they would like to do as a group.

Idea #4: Share Life Hacks

Share Life Hacks Whatsapp

People appreciate life hacks in this day and age. Most individuals always look for easier or more manageable ways of doing things. Set a day within the week when the members can share life hacks.

Sharing life hacks makes the group interesting, as some members will only stick around to learn from others. Some life hacks are also funny, so there will always be entertainment, even as people learn.

Idea #5: Play Games

Play Games Whatsapp

You can play games regardless of whether the WhatsApp group comprises adults or children. Sometimes people need interesting discussions like online games.

Some of the games that you could give a try include:

  • Trivia
  • Storytime
  • Unpopular opinions
  • Kiss, marry, kill?
  • Would you rather

All the games mentioned are engaging and will have group members glued to their phones. However, you need to ensure that the games begin when most people are available.

Weekends are the most ideal for playing games because most people are always off work for long hours.

Idea #6: Share Memes

Share Memes Whatsapp

Memes make people happy. Make a WhatsApp group interesting by creating a culture of sharing memes. The group members can also share their thoughts on the memes.

You may realize that some individuals always go through group notifications because of memes.

Idea #7: Be Inclusive

Everyone in a group has to feel included. Before making any final rules or decisions, it would be best to engage everyone and get their opinion.

A group only feels like a group when everyone feels like they are part of it through inclusion in all areas.

Idea #8: Allow the Group To Be a Safe Space

Allow The Group To Be A Safe Space Whatsapp

A WhatsApp group can be interesting when it is a safe space. The group members should be comfortable enough to share some things about their personal or even work lives.

Naturally, people like it when other individuals listen to them. You can create such a space within your WhatsApp group.


No one is likely to stay in a boring WhatsApp group.

You can try and make a WhatsApp group interesting.

This post details some activities you can do to make a WhatsApp group interesting.

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