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How To Make a Video Go Viral on Facebook

How To Make A Video Go Viral On Facebook

In a recent survey, more than 100 million hours of videos were watched on Facebook.

Facebook has a large percentage of the world population active daily on the platform, enabling the content to be viewed more.

But why are your videos not getting the attention you wish for? If you have tried making viral Facebook videos without success, let’s change that today!

Quick Answer

Creating a video is easy, but the challenge comes when you want it to trend. You must consider various tips when creating videos on Facebook if you want them to go viral. The video must have a catchy title because the title determines if viewers will open the video. Another way to make a video go viral is to make it interesting and short. For more tips on making a viral video, continue reading the guide.

Some Facebook users have had issues with making videos and getting few views. The good news is that you can change that with this post. The post has explained how many views will make a video viral, the importance of making viral videos, creative ideas you should consider, and tips for making a video go viral on Facebook.

How Many Views Make a Video Viral?

You may want your video to go viral on Facebook, but how many views should it get to be considered viral?

In 2015, one million views would make your video viral, but not anymore. One million views are still good, but with the increased presence of people on social media, your videos must get millions of views to be viral.

No exact number of views will make your videos viral, but 5 million to 8 million is a good number. This may seem like a joke, but many people are achieving it, although they are not celebrities.

Why Is it Important to Have Your Videos Go Viral?

One may wonder why making a viral video is so important. Have you ever imagined the number of followers you can get with viral videos?

Viral videos come with success, meaning you will get more likes, comments, and followers, enabling you to boost your sales.

Video marketing can be very tiring and time-consuming. Also, much money is always spent on advertising your video and making it reach a broad market. But if you can make a viral video, the time and money spent on marketing would be saved.

How To Make a Video Go Viral on Facebook

Now that you understand the benefits of creating viral videos, let’s see how you can ensure your videos will be viral on Facebook.

Tip #1: Create Short Videos

The length of a video is an excellent determinant if your video will get many views.

Nobody likes watching long videos, and that’s why most videos that go viral are barely one minute long. When you create long videos, people will not tap to watch because it feels like a waste of time.

It is better to divide your videos into episodes if they are long and ensure they are entertaining. That will make a person look for other episodes rather than watching too-long videos.

Tip #2: Keep Up with the Trends

One mistake you can make while creating your videos is sticking to the past.

The social media platform has trends every day that come and go quickly.

You can create videos related to trending topics but add your twist to make it unique.

Tip #3: Post Actual Videos Rather than Links

If you post a link to your YouTube video on Facebook, that may take forever to get the video viral, especially if you don’t have followers.

Many people don’t like clicking links, especially when they know they can be malicious.

Thus, post an actual video if you want to get more engagement.

Tip #4: Include a Catchy Title

The title of your video will play a significant role in impacting who will watch your video.

When writing the title, ensure it covers the viewer’s interest.

The title is the first thing the viewer will look at to know if they will be interested in watching the video.

Tip #5: Make a Shareable Video

There are many instances when you may want to share an interesting video with your friends and spread the fun, only to realize the video cannot be shared.

When you make your video shareable, many people can share it with their friends, creating traffic for you.

It would be better to make it shareable as a link because people can view it directly from your account.

Tip #6: Stick To Your Topic

The topic of your video is an important aspect when making your videos.

If you love creating videos about dancing, stick to it.

People will be familiar with your content when they know what you do. Also, you must enjoy the videos yourself.

If they don’t interest you, don’t expect a miracle to happen on the internet.

Tip #7: Bring Out the Fun in the Video Early

When someone decides to watch your video, ensure their attention will be grabbed immediately.

Nobody wishes to spend much time trying to understand what is happening in the video. Thus, your aim should be to grab the people’s attention as soon as they start watching it.

Creative Ideas for Viral Videos

If you are new to creating videos, you may want to get ideas of the best topics to consider when you want your content to get viral.

The following are popular ideas that have made viral videos.

Idea #1: Comedy

Most people love comedy because of the fun that comes with them.

If you have a talent for comedy, take your time to think of exciting scenarios that will catch viewers’ attention.

Your daily life can give you inspiration on where you should start.

Idea #2: Challenge Videos

If you don’t know what kind of video to create to go viral, consider participating in the challenges on various platforms.

When a challenge has come up, try to make your own and make it as enjoyable as possible.

Moreover, it is best to participate in a challenge when it is going around.

Idea #3: Baby Videos

Babies are adorable, and videos of babies have gained many videos on various platforms.

If you have a baby video that is funny or adorable, that will help you create a viral video.

Also, consider adding matching music to your videos to make them more attractive.

Idea #4: Funny Animal Videos

Animal videos can go viral, especially when your animal can do extraordinary things.

If you think something special about your pet, use it to create incredible videos that will go viral quickly.

Idea #5: Pranks

If you are good at creating pranks, they can easily help you create interesting videos that many people will like.

But, be aware of the effects of pranks on your relationships with others.


To sum up, creating a viral video on Facebook may seem complicated, but if you put in the right energy, you can easily achieve your aim.

This guide has explained the tips you can consider to make a video go viral on Facebook.

Also, if you are new to creating videos, read the guide for the best and most creative ideas to consider!

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