Why Does Twitch Keep Buffering?

Why Does Twitch Keep Buffering

Is your Twitch buffering? Twitch is a streaming platform, and when you encounter a situation that keeps buffering, your visibility and experience will be affected.

We understand the frustrations of Twitch buffering and are ready to help you fix this problem. If you have a case where Twitch keeps buffering, read on, as this post will help you understand and fix the error.

Quick Answer

Twitch buffering arises due to different reasons. First, if you have an unstable internet connection and Twitch will keep buffering until your internet stabilizes. If you have background apps, extensions, or corrupted cache files, they can cause buffering. Moreover, if your system has malware or you are connected to a VPN, that too can bring up buffering. Browser-related problems have also caused buffering.

 Twitch buffering is hectic and unwanted. If your Twitch is buffering, this post details the causes of this problem to help you understand it. Further, it discusses different methods of fixing the buffering to resume with a clear Twitch experience.

Why Does Twitch Keep Buffering?

Most Twitch users join the platform to stream or join different streamers in their live stream sessions. When on Twitch, nothing is more disappointing than Twitch buffering, distorting your view and causing your view to lag. Buffering automatically kills the fun on Twitch.

If you have a case where Twitch keeps buffering, we will help you understand why this is the case by discussing the different causes of the problem. Some of the causes are mentioned below.

Unstable Internet Connection

Twitch is an online platform; an internet connection is needed to join different live streams or start streaming. The connection must be stable.

If you have a weak or unstable internet connection, you will face constant buffering, lagging your stream, and causing disconnection at times.

VPN Issues

VPNs are an excellent solution for changing your location. Suppose you are using a VPN to join Twitch. The VPN could be the cause of the buffering.

A VPN slows the internet connection and could explain why Twitch is facing an unstable connection leading to it buffering your view.

Corrupted Cache

When accessing Twitch via the browser, you may get a case where your browser has corrupted data and cache. The corrupted cache will affect Twitch’s performance and can make it start buffering.

Browser Extensions

Having browser extensions is ideal for different tasks. However, some browser extensions could hinder Twitch’s performance and make it buffer. Identifying and removing or disabling such extensions will help fix the problem.

Malware Issues

When your system is infected with malware, you will get an issue with Twitch. The malware can affect your normal operation and make Twitch not run as expected.

The viruses in your system will make Twitch buffer and degrade your experience.

How To Fix Twitch Buffering

When you face buffering on your Twitch account, there are different solutions you can use to fix this error. Below are the solutions to use and the steps to follow.

Fix Your Internet Connection

A poor and unstable internet connection is problematic. Ensure you have a strong internet connection. You can troubleshoot your network to resolve its speed.

Possible options include restarting your router or contacting the ISP and having them check your Wi-Fi’s speed.

Disable VPN

If you use a VPN on your network, disable it to improve your network’s speed. The VPN will cause your network to lag; Twitch will keep buffering unless you deactivate it.

Clear Browser Cache

If you use a browser, clear its cache and data to troubleshoot the buffering. Your browser could be having corrupted data and cache causing the buffering.

Disable Extensions

Different extensions can affect how Twitch performs. If Twitch starts buffering after you install a given extension, open your browser’s settings and disable or remove the recently added extension. Next, open Twitch and check if that helped fix the problem.


Twitch keeps buffering due to unstable internet connection, VPN, browser extensions, corrupted cache, etc. We’ve discussed the causes in detail and given different error-fixing methods.

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