How To Join Random Discord Servers

How To Join Random Discord Servers

When you want to join Discord servers, you can use different ways to join these servers. The obvious method is to join using the invite link for the particular Discord server.

However, when you don’t have an invite link and want to join random servers, there are various options you can use for that. This guide focuses on different ways to join random Discord servers to ensure you get the best method for your case.

Quick Answer

Discord has a “Discover” page that you can use to join random servers. When you open your Discord application, find the compass icon on the left sidebar and click on it. Find random servers by browsing through the available categories. Alternatively, visit the top.gg website and click the option for Discord servers. You can then scroll through the available servers and join any random ones that come your way. Lastly, you can use a Discord website to search and join random Discord servers.

This post discusses why you may want to join random servers. Further, we will discuss different options for joining random Discord servers and the steps to follow for each case. Read on!

Why Join Random Discord Servers?

Discord is home to millions of servers. Anyone can create a Discord server and choose whether to set it as public or private. When a Discord server is created, members get added directly from the list of Discord friends, or an invite link is shared. Moreover, public servers are open for anyone to join.

When you create a Discord account, you may want to join random servers that align with your interest to get insights and interact with members. For instance, if you are a Crypto maniac, you may search for random Discord servers dealing with Crypto and join them to get more information.

Moreover, Discord users have a limit of around 100 servers they can join. Thus, you can join any random servers provided you’ve not exceeded the maximum limit. When you join random servers, you will interact with like-minded individuals, share your ideas, see what other people share, gather knowledge, and become a member of the particular community.

How To Join Random Discord Servers

Joining random Discord servers is easy. You only need to find the public Discord servers and proceed to join them. The only catch is that the public Discord server has not reached the maximum number of members. With that in mind, let’s see three effective ways of joining random Discord servers.

Using the Discover Feature

Discord has a “Discover” page to find the most popular or featured Discord servers. Besides, you will see different categories of Discord servers, interact with them, and eventually join them.

  1. Open your Discord application and access your account.
  2. On the left sidebar, find the compass icon and click on it to open the “Discover” page.
  3. Search the featured communities or filter the Discord servers using tags or categories.
  4. Click on any random server to join.

You can search for any random servers and join them using the procedure presented in this post. That way, you will eventually join various random Discord servers you encounter.

Using top.gg Website

Some websites like the top.gg offers different Discord features. You can find various bots or servers on this website and join them at your convenience. Here, you can join the servers on your desktop or mobile as the steps for both platforms are the same.

Here’s how you join random Discord servers using the top.gg website.

  1. Visit the top.gg website on your browser.
  2. Open the “Discord Servers” tab. It’s located next to the “Discord bots” tab.
  3. In the search field, type the name of any random server and search for it.
  4. Find the server and click the “Join” button on its overview page.

Alternatively, you can search servers with the “Categories” filter. The random Discord servers will be filtered based on category, and you can conveniently join any server.

Using Disboard Website

The last method we will discuss is to join random Discord servers using the Disboard website. Here, you will find different public servers for different categories. You only need to go through the listed websites and find any random one you want to join.

  1. Open your browser and access the Disboard website.
  2. Click on the search bar and start typing any random name.
  3. Click on the server that appears to open its information page.
  4. When the server opens, click the “Join this Server” button.

Repeat the search for other random Discord servers.


We’ve discussed why people join random Discord servers. Moreover, we’ve three effective ways you can use when you want to join random Discord servers. Try them out and have fun joining random servers.

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