How To Install Discord on Steam Deck

How To Install Discord On Steam Deck

When gaming, you need a way of communicating with your friends, and what better option to use than Discord? With Discord, you can create a server and communicate with fellow gamers on your voice channel. The good news with Discord is that it blends in with gaming consoles, including Steam Deck. So, do you know how to install and use Discord on Steam Deck? Stick around to learn.

Quick Answer

The first step is to ensure you have an internet connection and a Discord account. Next, switch to the desktop mode on your Steam Deck. Open Discover, search for Discord, click on it, then log in to your account. Next, add Discord to the Steam library, then open it. That’s it. Discord is available on your Steam Deck, and you can use it for your activities, similar to how you would use it on a PC or mobile.

This guide covers the steps for installing Discord on Steam Deck. Still, we will see how to get started with Discord on Steam Deck and discuss questions about using Discord on Steam Deck. Let’s dive in!

How To Install Discord on Steam Deck

Steam Deck is a portable gaming console that runs on SteamOS. Discord is unavailable on Steam Deck, but that doesn’t mean you can’t install it or other games. Almost every gamer relies on Discord for communication and installing it on your Steam Deck spices your gaming experiences.

So, before we install Discord on Steam Deck, ensure you have a stable internet connection and a Discord account to connect to once installed. With that in place, use the below steps to install Discord on Steam Deck.

Switch Steam Deck to Desktop Mode

To install Discord on Steam Deck, you must utilize the desktop mode. So, press the “Steam” button, locate the “Switch to Desktop Mode” option and click on it. Alternatively, you can press the power button to bring up this menu and click the Switch to Desktop Mode.

Open Discover

Once in desktop mode, you must open the Discover app to search for Discord. The Discover icon should be on your taskbar. So, click on it in the taskbar. It has a shopping bag icon.

If it’s not on the taskbar:

  1. Click on the app menu at the screen bottom left.
  2. Click on the “Utility” folder and the Discover icon to open it.
  3. Once it opens, click the search bar, search for “Discord,” and click on it.

Open Discord

Once you click on Discord, enter your credentials to log in. You can scan the QR code to sign in if you have Discord on your smartphone. Alternatively, enter your Discord password and email, and click the “Log In” button to sign in.

Push Discord to the Steam Library

Discord must run in the background to support communication with friends when gaming. So, we must add it to the Steam library. That way, we can have multiple Discord instances open simultaneously. Follow these steps.

  1. While on the desktop, open the Steam app.
  2. Click on the option for “Games” at the top.
  3. Click the option to “Add a non-steam game” to the library, then scroll down to locate Discord from the list and add it.
  4. Lastly, click the option to “Return to Gaming Mode.”

Open Discord

You can now open your Discord by locating it in the non-steam tab. Go ahead and open it. Discord will run while you are enjoying your gaming session without any interference. Join your voice channel and start a call with your friends. You will communicate with them while using Steam Deck to enjoy your gaming sessions.

That’s how to install Discord on Steam Deck and use it for communications during gaming sessions.


Steam Deck is a gaming console, and on its Desktop mode, it allows installing applications, such as Discord, using the Discover app. This guide has presented all the steps for installing Discord on Steam deck. Follow along and install Discord. Have fun!

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Steam Deck support Discord?

Yes, it does. However, you must open it in Desktop mode, then install Discord from Discover. Next, login into your Discord account and add Discord as a non-steam app to the Steam library. Open Discord and initiate your communication while gaming.

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