How To Inspect Element on Discord?

How To Inspect Element On Discord

If you want to create fake messages on Discord just for a good laugh by pranking your friends, then this article will teach you how to do that.

You can inspect any element on Discord, like any message, username, profile banner, date, time, emoji, or whatever you like to change, just the way you desire.

It lets you fool your friends by showing fake stuff on Discord for a big laugh. But how can you inspect elements on Discord?

Quick Answer

There are two methods to inspect elements on Discord. First is to open the developer console by pressing “CRTL” + “SHIFT” + “I” together and navigate to the “Elements” tab. The second method is to highlight any text on Discord, right-click it, and select “Inspect.”

Having a little fun here and there does not harm anyone. Our guide is to help you have big laughs with fake Discord messages through inspect element. We do not intend for you to use this guide for malicious purposes. Keep reading to learn more!

Inspect Element on Discord

Inspect element on Discord is not as straightforward on Discord as on most other websites. However, we’ll give you two methods below.

Important Note

To be able to perform the inspect element on Discord, you must access Discord using its website on your PC. You cannot inspect anything on the Discord app.

Method #1: Through Developer Console

To inspect element on Discord through the developer console, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Discord on any web browser on your PC (we use Google Chrome).Open Discord On Pc
  2. Navigate to the section you wish to inspect.Navigate To Section You Want To Inspect
  3. Open the developer console by pressing “CTRL” + “SHIFT” + “I” together.Open The Developer Console
  4. Navigate to the “Elements” tab.Navigate The Elements Tab
  5. Tap the inspect button in the top left corner of the console area (a cursor in a box icon).Tap The Inspect Button

Method #2: Through Highlighting

To inspect element through highlighting on Discord, follow these steps:

  1. Open Discord on any web browser on your PC (we use Google Chrome).Open Discord On Pc
  2. Go to any chat.Go To Any Chat
  3. Highlight a message.Highlight A Message
  4. Right-click the highlighted part.Righ Click Highlighted Part
  5. Select “Inspect.”Click On Inspect

How To Change Discord Messages?

If you want to play around and create fake messages on any text channel or private chat on Discord, you can inspect them to fake them.

Here is our guide to changing any Discord message:

  1. Go to Discord on your favorite browser (this example uses Google Chrome).Open Discord On Pc
  2. Navigate the message you want to change.Go To Any Chat
  3. Now, highlight the text you wish to inspect.Highlight A Message
  4. Right-click on the highlighted part.Righ Click Highlighted Part
  5. Select “Inspect” to begin the inspection.Click On Inspect
  6. Double-click the message text in the console.Double-Click&Nbsp;The Message Text In The Console
  7. Write the new message and hit Enter.Write The New Message And Hit Enter

Now, check the original message on your main screen to see the changes made to the original text.


 You can also use the inspect button (a cursor in a square box) on the top left of the inspect element window.

In this way, you can prank your friends with the fake message you churned with your naughty mind.


Whatever you edit will only be visible on Discord on your screen.

How To Change Discord Username, Date, or Time?

To change the username, follow these steps:

  1. Open Discord on your web browser (we use Google Chrome).Open Discord On Pc
  2. Navigate to the section where the username is visible on your screen.Username Should Be Visible
  3. Press “CTRL” + “SHIFT” + “I” on your keyboard to open the developer console.Open The Developer Console
  4. Click the inspect button (the cursor in a box icon) in the top right corner of the developer area.Tap The Inspect Button
  5. Click on the username.Click The Username
  6. Double-click on the username in the developer area.Double Click On Username In Developer Area
  7. Write the new username and hit Enter.Enter New Username

Similarly, you can change the date or time of any message.

Important Points

Below are some crucial points about inspecting element on Discord:

  • You must use the Discord website on your PC to perform this action.
  • To open the Developer’s mode, you need to press (“CTRL” + “SHIFT” + “I“) for Windows and (“Command” + “Option” + “I“) for Mac.
  • You can fake anything on Discord by inspecting the element, even emojis and Discord poll results.
  • Whatever changes you make will only be visible on your screen and not to anyone else.
  • You can also save the profile picture of anyone you want through this technique.

The Final Words

If you want to play around with your friends on Discord by faking messages or other elements, you can always inspect those elements.

Try our technique and send your friends ridiculous phony messages to trick them for big laughs.

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