How To Give Him Butterflies on FaceTime

How To Give Him Butterflies On Facetime

We are used to guys giving girls butterflies in FaceTime calls, but do you know you can also give him butterflies? Yes! It’s possible, but only if you do it right.

Guys also love compliments, and different tricks can spark the moment; even if they don’t admit it, you will notice that you’ve given them butterflies.

If that sounds like something you want to achieve, stick around and learn.

Quick Answer

Different tricks will help to give a guy butterflies. They include maintaining eye contact, smiling as he speaks, biting your lip, nodding, asking follow-up questions, and complimenting his appearance. Others include asking a naughty question when he least expects it, laughing at his jokes, using body language, and blinking an eye at him. The idea is to make him feel uncomfortable by taking control of the moment. That way, he will inevitably get butterflies.

We will understand why guys love hiding their feelings. Next, we will discuss various tricks you can apply to make you guy get butterflies on FaceTime. Take a look!

Why Do Guys Hide Their Feelings?

Let’s face it. Guys are human, but they feel like expressing their feelings and emotions is a sign of weakness. Well, you’ve probably flirted with a guy, and he pretended like he didn’t feel it. Yet you could see in his eyes that he loved it.

Unlike girls, guys love taking control of the situation and flirting with girls. When they make the girl get butterflies, it adds to their confidence and pride.

That doesn’t mean you can’t switch the situation and make a guy get butterflies.

There are different ways to unleash the butterflies in a guy, and you will love how cutely they will react to your tricks.

Check the tricks presented in the next section if you plan to see your guy get butterflies and watch him inevitably express his feelings and emotions.

How to Give Him Butterflies on FaceTime

Try the tricks below, and you will win at making your guy get butterflies while on FaceTime.

Tip #1: Maintain Eye Contact

Guys don’t expect a girl to maintain eye contact, especially during FaceTime. So, if you can maintain eye contact while on FaceTime, you will catch him off guard, and he will likely shy off.

During FaceTime, focus on your camera and not the screen. The camera will help you maintain eye contact as he speaks.

Once he notices that he can’t keep up with your eye contact, he will get butterflies, and you will notice him avoiding eye contact.

Tip #2: Bite Your Lip

How about combining eye contact while biting your lip?

Gently biting your lip will kill the focus on him, and he will inevitably feel uncomfortable looking at you.

If done right, biting the lip is a perfect distraction during FaceTime, and you will catch him staring at your lips, and that’s because you will have managed to give him butterflies.

Tip #3: Smile

Additionally, ensure you put on your best smile as he speaks.

He will feel flattered and overwhelmed that you keep smiling whenever he is talking.

Although he might try to brush off the feeling, he will experience butterflies. Try it and watch his reaction.

Tip #4: Nod As he Speaks

Everyone appreciates it when you show them that you are attentive as they speak.

You can achieve that by nodding along as he speaks.

That way, you will keep him talking, and he will love it.

Tip #5: Compliment Him

Everyone loves compliments.

When the guy is talking, catch him off-guard by complimenting him.

For instance, talk about how his shirt looks good on him in the middle of the conversation.

The compliment will digress him from what he was saying, but how he reacts will prove that you’ve managed to give him butterflies.

Tip #6: Ask Follow Up Questions

While listening to him speak, keep the conversation flowing by asking a follow-up question, such as “what happened next?”

The aim here is to give him a reason to keep talking as you watch him while smiling and biting your lip.

The longer he talks as you watch him, the more likely he will eventually shy away.

Tip #7: Laugh at His Jokes

When he makes a joke, give in to the laughter while looking at him.

He will feel confident that he is spicing your day, and the laughter will help drop the formality in the air.

Tip #8: Be a Bit Naughty

Warming a guy’s body will add butterflies to him.

First, ask a naughty question in the middle of the conversation and watch his reaction.

Alternatively, make some tempting body movements, such as blinking your eye, adjusting your bra, etc.


This post gives eight tactics you can use to give a guy butterflies.

Try them out and have fun flirting with your guy on FaceTime.

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