How To Get Paid on YouTube

How To Get Paid On Youtube

It’s possible to make YouTube your source of income and reap big from it, provided you understand how YouTube works, what it takes to get paid, and how to get paid on YouTube.

As a content creator, it is in your favor to know how YouTube works and how you can maximize it to earn income. Read on because we will explain how to get paid on YouTube.

Quick Answer

You can get paid on YouTube in different ways, but first, you must join the YouTube Partner Program (YPP). Your channel must have met the requirements and be accepted into the program. From there, you can get paid through different ways, including earnings from ads, selling merchandise, crowdfunding, YouTube channel membership, joining affiliate marketing programs, creating sponsored content, etc.

This post guides you in understanding how YouTube pays. We will discuss what YPP is and how to get accepted into it. Still, we will cover various ways of getting paid on YouTube. Let’s begin!

What Is YouTube Partner Program?

The first thing you must consider and work on when you want to start making money via YouTube is understanding the YouTube Partner Program (YPP). YouTube understands the efforts creators put towards creating content. As such, it offers them a way to make money through their content.

YPP offers creators room to enjoy the earnings gained from the content creator creates. When you qualify and get accepted into the YPP, you can maximize different options to make money on YouTube.

To get accepted into the YPP, you must follow all the YouTube’s monetization policies. Again, your content must align with the community guidelines and YouTube’s terms of service. Still, your channel must have attained over 4000 watch hours in the last year and gained 1000 subscribers.

Once you’ve met this threshold, you can apply for the YPP and link your AdSense account through which your payment will be made. You are one step to starting to get paid on YouTube.

How To Get Paid on YouTube

Once you get accepted into the YPP, your journey to making money and getting paid on YouTube has begun. We will discuss a few ways to get paid on YouTube.

How well you apply these methods is handy in determining the money you make via YouTube. Take a look!

Earn Through Ads

YouTube’s main source of income is through ad revenue. Whenever you create YouTube content, YouTube offers various ways through which ads play on your video content.

Advertisers invest their money to create and promote ads, and YouTube is among the platforms where advertisers get a wider reach and audience.

YouTube will display ads on your videos and share the ad money with you. The earnings also rely on your videos’ views and the interaction the videos and displayed ads get.

Create Sponsored Content

You can land brand deals to create sponsored content when you have a successful YouTube channel. Different brands seek reputable YouTube creators to advertise their content by creating sponsored content.

Utilize Crowd Funding

With consistent viewership, you can engage your audience in your next project. The idea is to unite your viewers, share your idea, and have them donate or invest in making your project a reality.

Join Affiliate Marketing

There are different affiliate marketing programs that you can join. When you gain affiliate partnerships, you will earn through the affiliate links you share when creating your YouTube videos. You will earn a percentage from the sales made via your affiliate links.

Use Channel Membership

YouTube lets creators create restricted content. You can create private content where your subscribers must subscribe to access the private content. This monthly subscription is one way of getting paid on YouTube.

Sell Merchandise

As a brand, you can utilize YouTube to sell your merchandise. You can create videos aimed at driving sales. The trick is to get creative on how you will make viewers buy your merchandise.


You can get paid on YouTube once you understand how to make money on YouTube. This post has introduced YPP and detailed ways to earn and get paid on YouTube. Have fun!

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