How To Find Similar YouTube Channels

How To Find Similar Youtube Channels

When searching for content on YouTube, it’s possible to filter it based on the channel. It could be you are interested in a given niche and want to analyze different channels in the particular niche.

Such a case requires you to know how to find similar YouTube channels related to your search. You will learn how to find similar YouTube channels by the end of this post.

Quick Answer

YouTube has a search feature that lets you specify filters but doesn’t give room to find similar YouTube channels. However, there are third-party websites that offer this functionality. Once you access the website, you can type the keyword of the channels you wish to find. That way, you’ll find them and can open them on YouTube.

We will cover how to search for a YouTube channel. Further, we will discuss how you can find similar YouTube channels while discussing different questions regarding finding similar YouTube channels.

Can You Find a Channel on YouTube?

When you open YouTube, a search feature lets you quickly type the keyword of what you want to find. If you know the name of your target channel, you can type it, and YouTube’s algorithm will bring it up in the search results.

The search results will mainly show videos related to the keyword. From the results, you can easily find the target channel and click on it to access its content. That way, you will interact with its video and can access its “About” page to get more information about the channel.

However, you can’t find similar YouTube channels using this method. You will likely find videos that match the current one you are watching on the particular YouTube channel. These YouTube videos will mainly feature similar channels to your search keyword. We will see a better approach to use.

How To Find Similar YouTube Channels

Are you trying to find channels related to a given niche? Sometimes, you may want to compare YouTube channels based on the niche. For instance, if you are looking for all channels related to Investing Tips, how can you find them?

For someone trying to create a new YouTube channel, understanding how other channels in the target niche are doing will guide your decision-making. Unfortunately, YouTube doesn’t give you a way of finding similar channels.

Your best option is to utilize a third-party website offering the feature. Here’s the general guide you should use.

  1. Open your browser and search for a reliable website, such as HypeAuditor.Open Your Browser And Visit Hypeauditor
  2. In the keyword input box, type the keyword of the channels you want to find.Type The Keyword Of The Channels To Find
  3. Click the “Check” button for the website to retrieve similar channels.Click The Check Button

From the results, you can note that the displayed channels match those you want to find. For instance, if your search keyword is “investing,” you will see all channels that have “investing” in their channel name. You can then open each channel on YouTube by copying its name.

That’s how you can find similar YouTube channels.


When you want to find similar YouTube channels, you can utilize third-party options and type the target keyword in a website supporting the search.

From the search results, you will manage to access similar YouTube channels based on your keyword. You can copy the channel names and open them on YouTube to interact with their content and the channel.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you search on YouTube?

Open YouTube on your browser or the YouTube mobile app. Find the search icon at the top and tap on it. Type the target keyword you want to search. You can apply different filters to narrow the search. From the search result, tap on the target video you want to watch.

Can you find similar YouTube channels?

Yes, you can. However, you can’t accomplish this on YouTube. To search for similar YouTube channels, find a website that supports searching for YouTube keywords. Type the keyword you wish to find, and similar channels appear in the search results. You can then open each result to access the channel.

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