How To Get Free Bits on Twitch

How To Get Free Bits On Twitch

Gamers, bloggers, and other video producers enjoy using Twitch for their activities. The platform is an excellent option for streaming and interacting with viewers.

While using Twitch, you can have people participate in your content through bits purchased on the platform, but wait, can you get free bits on Twitch? We will answer this throughout today’s post.

Quick Answer

Bits on Twitch have a monetary value, and you can get free bits in two ways. The first option is to mine the free bits by watching ads on Twitch. You will receive bits after you watch ads without skipping. The second option is to complete surveys on a platform like TwitchRPG, where you will be rewarded with free bits after completing the surveys.

As a Twitch user, knowing what bits are and how to maximize them is handy. This post will help you understand what bits are and how to get free bits. Let’s begin!

Understanding Twitch Bits

When you join a Twitch channel, you might have already seen people cheering the streamer using emotes. Well, emotes are one way of appreciating and supporting the Twitch streamer, and you require bits to purchase these emotes.

Ideally, the Twitch bits act as the virtual currency used on Twitch for purchasing different items. These bits are purchased on the Twitch platform, but that doesn’t have to be always the case.

Sometimes, you can find alternative ways of accessing these bits without buying them. It’s possible, and many users have managed to get free Twitch bits, and you, too, can join them.

What could go wrong with knowing how to access Twitch bits to buy emotes for free? If that excites you, read on as we will discuss two methods you can use to get free bits on Twitch.

How To Get Free Bits on Twitch

By now, you know what Twitch bits are but are yet to understand how to get them for free. Here’s the thing; Twitch avails these bits to users for purchase at a given price depending on the number of bits you want. However, we have two methods you can utilize to get free bits.

Through Watching Twitch Ads

You will encounter different ads when using Twitch. By watching these ads, you will collect bits; depending on the number of ads you watch, you will soon collect a decent number of bits.

Here’s how you can watch ads on your desktop.

  1. Access Twitch on your browser and turn off any ad-blockers.
  2. Find a Twitch stream and join in.
  3. Click the “Get Bits” button at the top, then click the “Watch Ads” option.

The particular ad will play, and you will earn a few bits ranging between 5 to 10 for that particular short ad. So, the more ads you watch, the higher the bits you collect.


This “Watch Ads” option may not be available for some users and regions.

Through Twitch Surveys

Thanks to TwitchRPG (Research Power Group), it’s possible to complete various surveys as a Twitch viewer and earn bits for every completed survey.

These surveys offer bits as rewards to lure Twitch streamers and viewers to participate in them. Here’s how you can participate in the surveys and earn bits.

  1. Access Twitch RPG and sign up with your credentials.
  2. Ensure you keep a tab on your email for Twitch notifications regarding surveys.
  3. Find a streamer and watch their content.
  4. After watching it, if any survey is asked, gladly fill it out.

Once you complete such surveys, you will get rewarded with free bits that will help you purchase emotes.


You can earn free bits on Twitch by watching surveys or watching ads. The bits you earn are small, but after a successful number of surveys or ads are watched, you will collect a decent amount. It’s that simple!

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