How To Get Community Tab on YouTube

How To Get Community Tab On Youtube

YouTube has grown to more than a platform where you post videos alone. Currently, a YouTube Community tab enables YouTubers to interact with their followers.

Increasing followers on YouTube takes time, and it is them that can help you market your channel. Thus, through the YouTube Community, you can interact with your followers and know what content they find more interesting.

Quick Answer

YouTube has enforced restrictions that make it impossible for everyone to have the Community tab. The Community tab is enabled automatically once you have at least 500 subscribers. Moreover, if your channel is set to “Made for Kids,” the Community tab will not be visible to viewers but to you alone. Lastly, you must ensure advanced features on your channel are enabled to get the Community tab.

Suppose you are wondering how to get the Community tab on YouTube and continue interacting with your favorite YuoTuber or viewer. In that case, this post has explained the Community tab, how to get it, and how to find Community posts. Let’s start!

What Is YouTube Community Tab?

A YouTube Community tab was introduced to enable creators to interact with their followers. YouTube hosts videos, but now you can interact with followers and learn which content they like or don’t like.

You can engage with followers on the Community tab using images, gifs, and texts. Moreover, you can create polls and get answers from your followers through the Community tab.

When your fans open your Community tab, they can give their comments, likes, or dislikes on given posts. Moreover, your fans can share your content with their friends, enabling you to get more fans.

Initially, YouTube allowed users to post videos alone. The Community tab was introduced when YouTube allowed users to engage more with fans.

How To Get Community Tab on YouTube

There are no detailed steps that YouTube users take to enable the Community tab. The Community tab can be enabled automatically, but only when you have met the YouTube threshold.

One must have a minimum of five hundred subscribers to get the Community tab. Once you pass the number of required subscribers, the tab will take up to one week to appear on your channel.

If you surpassed the number of subscribers yet the tab is not visible, you must ensure custom channel layouts are enabled.

Also, you must have enabled access to advanced features for the Community tab to be available. YouTube gives you three options: channel history, video verification, and valid ID, which you can choose from to access advanced features.

Lastly, if your channel is set to “Made for Kids,” the Community tab will be unavailable for viewers. You will see the tab on your end, but viewers won’t.

Where To Find Community Posts on YouTube?

When you create YouTube posts, you can easily access them from your channel. How you access them depends on whether you posted or left them on schedule. For posts you have already posted, you can access them from your channel, as shown below.

  1. Sign in to YouTube Studio.
  2. Spot the left sidebar menu and click on “Content.”
  3. Click on “Posts.”

If you have scheduled posts, you can access scheduled posts from the “Scheduled” section on the YouTube Studio Community tab. Moreover, you will find expired posts if you navigate to the “Archived” section.


It is essential to note that YouTube keeps posts that align with their terms of use. If they find any post that violates the agreement, it will be removed from YouTube, and you won’t access it from YouTube.


The YouTube Community tab is essential for helping creators engage with their fans. If you want to find which content your fans find more useful, you can find out through the Community tab. This guide has explained the Community tab and how to get it!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the YouTube Community tab?

The Community tab on YouTube is a simple way for creators to engage with their fans. The Community tab enables fans and creators to post content in the form of text and images and create polls. Moreover, fans can like, dislike, and share useful content.

How can I get the YouTube Community tab?

The YouTube Community tab is available when your channel has over five hundred subscribers. You must also enable the advanced features and ensure your channel is not set to Made for Kids.

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