How To Get Big on Twitch

How To Get Big On Twitch

If you’re an avid gamer who wishes to build a brand as a content creator, then Twitch is the ideal platform.

This app’s over 140 million monthly active users demonstrate the platform’s potential to create influential streamers with millions of followers.

If you’re committed to becoming a streamer, learning to get big on Twitch is crucial to avoiding common mistakes and knowing the best strategies to achieve your goal faster.

Quick Answer

Some of the best strategies for getting big on Twitch include choosing a popular niche like gaming, streaming consistently, and committing to high-quality content. Streaming consistently also helps boost your audience, as your fans have something to look forward to every week, depending on your schedule. Finally, invest in a good quality PC and audio equipment to ensure your broadcasts are audible, lag-free, and clear.

This post highlights various tactics to help you build an audience and get big on Twitch.

Overview of Getting Big on Twitch

Beginner streamers have the potential to create a brand and build a solid audience if they know which path to follow and pitfalls to avoid.

A huge audience comes with significant perks like higher income from subscriptions, ads, and donations. Popular Twitch streamers also benefit from brand recognition, sponsorships, and merchandise sales.

Next, let’s discuss some key factors to getting big on Twitch.

Key Factors to Getting Big on Twitch

Here are strategies to get a bigger audience and solidify your Twitch brand faster.

Chose a Popular Niche

Twitch consists mainly of gaming communities. However, some games are more popular than others.

Consider a popular game if you want to get big on Twitch as a gaming streamer. Some popular games include Apex Legends, Grand Theft Auto, Call of Duty, Minecraft, and Fortnite.

The main reason for choosing a popular niche is because it already has an established fanbase. You’re likely to attract viewers for a game with a fanbase of 2 million users rather than one with 20,000 fans.

Benchmark With Competitors

New streamers must check out their competitors to review their broadcast content, quality, and schedule. Researching competitors helps you learn some tactics you can apply to your livestreams.

Even though benchmarking with competitors is crucial, ensure you review competitors within an achievable range. For example, a beginner with 60 subscribers will not learn much from a streamer with over 2 million subscribers.

The top-tier streamers have years of experience and, consequently, not an ideal comparison. The most appropriate competitors to benchmark with as a beginner would be those with 10,000 to 100,000 subscribers.

Be Consistent

Another vital tip for getting big on Twitch is being consistent. Streaming regularly exposes you to more viewers.

Consistency also communicates a commitment to ensuring your new followers and subscribers have something to look forward to every week.

Remember, being too ambitious with your streaming schedule the first weeks or months of becoming a streamer can lead to burnout. The best way to build consistency is to create a realistic schedule.

For example, you can commit to streaming twice weekly for the first three months, then increase to thrice weekly as you build your audience.

Invest in High-Quality Streaming Equipment

A high-resolution livestream that’s buffer-free and audible is essential to ensuring viewers watch your broadcasts.

Even though live streaming on Twitch doesn’t require top streaming equipment, you’ll still need to invest in basic equipment on the market.

Some of the equipment you’ll need includes a professional camera, microphone, and lighting.

Talk To Your Audience

A reminder to talk to your viewers during live streams can seem obvious to some, but it’s a crucial factor in engaging your audience. Part of building a following on Twitch is to connect to your viewers.

Talking on a livestream, sending shoutouts, and communicating with subscribers in your chatroom is an excellent way to showcase your personality.

If you’re new to live streaming, talking in a broadcast can be awkward as it feels like talking to yourself. Still, engaging with your audience and encouraging them to subscribe to your channel is crucial.

If you’re camera shy or jittery about speaking on a livestream, try practicing a few times a week to ensure you’re coherent and audible.

Have a Unique Brand

Being unique and having a recognizable brand is a huge stepping stone to becoming big on Twitch. You may be tempted to use the free overlay templates as a beginner.

A generic template may be convenient, but many streamers already use it. Meaning your template is just one of many in a crowd.

Hiring a professional designer to create a customized overlay template tailored to your Twitch brand and personality is best if you can afford it.

Incentivize Viewers and Subscribers

Another way to become big on Twitch is to make your Twitch channel fun and exciting for subscribers. Create reward programs, competitions, and challenges subscribers can participate in.

Rewards and games make you fun and relatable – an excellent way to attract and retain subscribers.


Getting big on Twitch is achievable if you know what strategies to follow. Some valuable pointers include choosing a popular niche, live streaming consistently and investing in good-quality equipment.

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