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How To Find Out Who Is Behind a Twitter Account

How To Find Out Who Is Behind A Twitter Account

Unlike other social media platforms, Twitter does not require users to enter their details when creating their accounts.

You may find somebody talking to you on Twitter like he knows you, and you are curious to find out who they are.

Although it is difficult to tell the Twitter account owner, you can find out using the various methods explained in this post.

Quick Answer

You can use several techniques to discover who is behind a Twitter account. The easiest way is to DM the person and enquire who they are. If you don’t want to go by that option, you can also look in their bio or use applications like Spokeo to dig into their personal information. To discover more ways of knowing who is behind a Twitter account, continue reading this post!

This guide has gathered several methods to discover who is behind a Twitter account. Let’s get started if you want to learn more about the topic!

How To Find Who Is Behind a Twitter Account in 6 Ways

You can use several ways to know the owner of an account, but for this guide, we will explain the top six working ways.

Method #1: Check Their Bio

Checking someone’s bio is a quick and more straightforward way of telling who is behind a Twitter account.

When creating a Twitter account, Twitter offers a form that a user must fill in.

Although not all people give their real information, this technique can help you achieve your aim when the person you are interested in has provided substantial information in their bio.

Method #2: Search Their Website

Most people, especially those marketing their brand, always provide their website in the bio of their Twitter account, but this is a big if.

If the link is for their website, you can click on it and check the author’s information.

Most people talk about themselves and what they do if the website is theirs. You are lucky if you find such a link because you can know who they are.

Method #3: Use WhoIs

WhoIs is a powerful tool to find out who owns a website. If you don’t find out about the author of the website in the website, you can use the ICANN WhoIs tool to know who owns the website you found in the Twitter bio.

You may get the website owner’s name, address, and phone number.

If that person has protected their personal information when registering for domains, you may not find the information, but it is worth giving it a shot.

Method #4: Search in Other Social Media Platforms

If you check their bio section and find someone’s Facebook link or Instagram, that may help you know who they are.

It is normal for people to link their other social media platforms for connectivity with friends, and when you find any of their usernames, use them to search for who they are.

It is likely that when they created their Facebook account, they provided more information about themselves which will help you discover who they are.

Method #5: Use Spokeo

There are sites like Spokeo that you can use to search for people on the internet.

Such a tool has a database that stores the personal information of various people, and you need a social media username for any account.

Find the Twitter username of the person you want to know, then visit Spokeo and use the username to find more details related to that username.

Spokeo is not a free tool; if you don’t want to pay for it, you can find other free alternatives or try another method explained in this post.

Method #6: Send them a Direct Message

If no other method works, you might need to ask the Twitter account owner about their identity.

If the person came into your inbox and sounded like they knew you, asking him to introduce themselves is the best and easier way to go about it.

If he is free to interact with you, then sharing who he is may not be an issue.


Twitter is a great platform, but it does not emphasize who creates an account with them, making it difficult to know who owns an account.

Twitter allows anyone to use any username, encouraging people to use fake details.

Read this post if you are struggling to discover who is behind a Twitter account!

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