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How To Find Out When an Instagram Account Was Made?

How To Find Out When An Instagram Account Was Made?

Is it possible to check when you created your Instagram account? Is there a way to check when another user created their Instagram account?

Perhaps you follow someone famous on Instagram, and you’d wish to track their progress on Instagram by checking when they joined the platform.

So, how can you see when an Instagram account was created?

Quick Answer

Knowing when you first created an Instagram account is possible and easy. All the details are in the “Account history” section, under the “Your activity” section. You’ll have to head to the “About this account” option to see when someone else created their Instagram. Unfortunately, this option is available only for business accounts on Instagram. For personal accounts, you can only guess the date by doing a bit of detective work.

To make it easier, I’ll discuss the steps you’ll take to see when you or anyone else joined Instagram.

How To Check When You Created Your Instagram Account?

You can check when you created your Instagram on both the mobile app and PC.

Via the Instagram Mobile App

There are two methods to go about it on a mobile device. The first is exact, while the other one can be inaccurate.

Method #1: Check Account History  

Instagram keeps a history of all your activity on the platform. Therefore, it is easy to tell the exact moment you became an Instagram user. The information is on your profile.

The steps are the same for an Android or iOS device. Follow these steps:

  1. Start by launching your Instagram app. Instagram App Mobile
  2. Tap the profile icon in the bottom right corner. Profile Icon On Lower Right Corner
  3. Tap the menu icon (three vertical lines) in the top right corner.  Menu Icon On Top Right Corner
  4. Select “Your activity.” Instagram Your Activity
  5. Go to “Account history.” Instagram Account History
  6. You’ll see several options regarding your account history. If you check the last item on the list, you will see an “Account created” header. Beneath it, you will see detailed information describing when you created your account. You’ll see the date, month, and year you created your account. Account Created Header Instagram

Method #2: Check Your First Post

If you have a few posts, say less than 30 posts, it is easy to check the date you joined the platform. You won’t have to go through the process above to see your creation date.

You need to scroll through your post until you locate the first post you posted on Instagram. 

Your First Post Instagram Mobile

Only use this method if you don’t delete your posts. Also, you can use the technique if you uploaded a post when you joined Instagram. 

Via Browser

When you open your browser and access your account via, you’ll not see the “Your Activity” section in the settings menu.

The only option to view when you joined Instagram via browser is to download your data under “Privacy and security.” Of course, you can also use Method #2 mentioned above.

Your First Post Instagram Pc

Finding Out When Someone Else Created Their Instagram Account

It is possible to tell when another Instagram user created their account. The “About this account” tab will tell you all about the Instagram user.

You can see the exact month and year they joined Instagram. You will also see where their Instagram is based, username, active ads, accounts shared with the user, and former usernames the account holder used.  

Sadly, the “About this account” option is not on the browser. Therefore, you’ll have to access the feature using the Instagram app. 

Here is how to navigate to the “About this account” feature:

  1. Open the Instagram app on your mobile device.Instagram App Mobile
  2. Go to the user’s profile.  User Profile Instagram
  3. Tap the menu icon in the top right corner (three vertical dots). Menu Icon Instagram
  4. Select “About this account.” About This Account
  5. The “About this account” page contains detailed information about the user. Check the first item – “Date joined.” You’ll see the date and month the account holder joined Instagram. Date Joined Account Information Header

Unfortunately, the “About this account” option is not available for all accounts you follow. It is available only for business accounts.

If you want to know the creation date of a personal account, you have to do the detective work yourself.

However, if the Instagram user is not your friend and operates a private account, it will be hard to tell when they joined Instagram.

The technique is effective if they are your friend or have a public account. Also, if they’ve blocked you, it will be impossible to tell when they created their Instagram account. 

Final Words 

It’s crucial to stay updated on your Instagram account data. Instagram allows you to see different information regarding your account.

You can see when you created it. You can also check the previous usernames you’ve used on the platform.

In this article, I have detailed all the steps to help you check the date you or someone else created an Instagram account.


Can I know when I began following someone on Instagram?

Unfortunately, there are no means to check the date you started following a friend on Instagram. But you can track the first DM they sent you. Or you can also ask them through a text when you guys became friends on Instagram. You can also check their first comment on your posts or sort the follower list to get an idea of when you became friends. However, these methods will not give you the exact period you became friends.  

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