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How To Find Facebook Friends on Snapchat

How To Find Facebook Friends On Snapchat

Even if you’ve already followed the individuals you find intriguing and hilarious on Snapchat, you may want to follow some of your Facebook friends on this social networking site as well.

Most social media platforms are now almost integrated. Due to that, adding your friends across multiple social media platforms is usually straightforward. Unfortunately, this is not the case for Facebook and Snapchat.

Quick Answer

Generally, to find Facebook friends on Snapchat, you must manually find their Snapchat ID and add them to Snapchat. Sometimes you can find their ID from their Facebook or other social media platforms. However, the most straightforward way is just to ask them. Also, keep in mind that most people use similar usernames on different platforms.

However, that’s just a brief of what to do in this scenario. This guide will emphasize everything you need to know about finding your Facebook friends on Snapchat. So, stay tuned as we get started.

Steps To Find Facebook Friends on Snapchat

There are three effective ways to locate your Facebook pals on Snapchat. We’ll look at them in detail below.

Good to Know

Finding and adding Facebook friends on Snapchat is a way of growing your Snapchat brand. That way, users from Facebook who are on Snapchat will get to have an interest in your social media activity.

Method #1: Find Them Directly on Snapchat

The first way to locate Facebook friends on Snapchat is pretty straightforward. All you need to do is to find them directly on Snapchat with the steps below:

  1. Open the Snapchat app on your mobile device.
  2. Tap on your bitmoij in the top right corner.
  3. Select “Add Friends.”
  4. Search for the friend you want to add by using the search bar or scrolling through suggestions.
  5. Tap “Add” next to their name to add them on Facebook.

If you cannot find your friend using their full name, try to search for usernames they use on other social media platforms; most users use the same username on multiple platforms.

This method only works if you can find them on Snapchat. What if they have a completely different username or full name registered on Snapchat?

Method #2: Navigate to Their Facebook “About” Section

If you want to add a specific contact you have on Facebook to Snapchat, you can also try looking at their details on their Facebook about section. In some cases, you may find their Snapchat link on their about page.

If peradventure they included their phone number on this website, you can use it to add them to Snapchat as well, since Snapchat recognizes the mobile number associated with their account. Below are the steps to find the contact details on Facebook:

  1. Open Facebook and navigate to your friend’s profile.
  2. Tap “About” on the friend’s profile.
  3. Select “Contact and basic info.”
  4. Look through the social links to see if any Snapchat IDs are available. If they provided their phone number, you could proceed with using it to add that contact.

If you cannot find anything on their Facebook about page, you can also crawl through their other social media accounts like Instagram and Twitter.

But what to do when you cannot find their Snapchat username anywhere? There is only one way.

Method #3: Ask Them or Mutual Friends for Their Snapchat ID

That’s your last option; if you feel a bit shy, then the easiest way to ask for someone’s Snapchat ID is using a mutual friend. Find someone you trust and hope they give you what you need.

Nevertheless, if no one seems to know or they don’t want to share the Snapchat username of the person of interest, it’s time to gather up the courage and ask for it directly. People usually give it to you!


There you have it! With the basic methods above, you can easily find Facebook friends on Snapchat.

Unfortunately, at the moment, you cannot directly sync your Facebook contacts to Snapchat. It was possible in the past, but the feature was removed. Hopefully, it will be added back on someday.

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