How To Track WhatsApp Calls

How To Track Whatsapp Calls

WhatsApp is a messaging platform owned by Meta.

With WhatsApp, you can communicate with your friends via chats and calls, including group calls.

Using WhatsApp is free, and you only need access to an internet connection for you to start using WhatsApp after registering with your phone number.

When using WhatsApp, you may get curious about how to track WhatsApp calls.

It could be you want to track WhatsApp calls of your kids or spouse.

So, how can you track WhatsApp calls?

Quick Answer

WhatsApp uses end-to-end encryption. Thus, you can’t spy on live calls when people are on a WhatsApp call. However, you can check the call history your target person has made. For that, you can secretly access their phone or install a spy app on their phone. The spy app will give you access to all their WhatsApp call history. Moreover, you can access the iCloud backup and check if there is a WhatsApp backup containing the call history.

Today’s guide focuses on tracking WhatsApp calls. We will discuss whether it is possible to track WhatsApp calls, and afterward, we will give various solutions you can use to help you track the WhatsApp calls of the target person.

Can You Track WhatsApp Calls?

Yes, and no. First, we must understand that WhatsApp uses end-to-end encryption to guarantee the privacy and security of its users.

Hence, anything transmitted on WhatsApp, such as calls or texts, gets encrypted before transit and decrypted on the receiver’s end.

So, even if you intercept a WhatsApp packet, you can’t decipher it to hear what is being said or view the contents of the shared message.

Although the contents of the live call are encrypted and don’t get stored on the WhatsApp servers, the call history will remain on the target person’s phone unless they delete it.

Your best chance to track WhatsApp calls is to access the WhatsApp call history, evidence of the caller, callee, and call duration.

How To Track WhatsApp Calls

WhatsApp doesn’t have any official way for people to track WhatsApp calls.

It’s impossible to track a live WhatsApp call and intercept the communication. However, different spying apps claim to offer such features.

One guaranteed fact is that you can access the call history of the target person. That’s your easy way of tracking someone’s WhatsApp calls.

Here are three ways to track the WhatsApp call history of a person.

Method #1: Check Their WhatsApp

Call history is left on the WhatsApp “Call” tab when you make a WhatsApp call.

So, if you can get a hold of someone’s phone, accessing their WhatsApp Call tab will display the contacts they have called on WhatsApp.

Follow these steps:

  1. Access the target phone.
  2. Find WhatsApp and open it. Whatsapp App On Mobile
  3. Open the “Calls” tab.Whatsapp Calls Tab

The target person’s call history will appear here, and you can scroll through to check everyone the person has called for a given duration.

This method will work provided the target person doesn’t delete their WhatsApp call history and if you can access their phone.

Method #2: Use a Spy App

Numerous spy and parental control apps have been created, and they offer features that allow you to access a target phone secretly and its call history.

You can find a spy app online and install it on the target phone.

Use A Spy App Mspy

Once installed, the spy app will give you access to all the call history made by the target person and their messages from different messaging apps.

For this method, you will incur charges for a subscription plan, as most effective spy apps cost a fee. Moreover, you must access the target’s phone to secretly install the spy app and hide it on their phone.

Lastly, you will get more details about the target person.

Some spy apps offer a dashboard where you can monitor all the target phone’s activities, such as their messages from other applications and their gallery images and videos.

Method #3: Retrieve iCloud or iTunes Backup

Suppose your target person uses iOS, and you have their iCloud credentials.

You can access their iCloud account and check for WhatsApp backup. If they regularly back up their WhatsApp, you will find the latest backup containing their WhatsApp call history.

You can manually restore this backup on your phone or use a third-party iCloud /iTunes recovery tool. Once restored, check their WhatsApp data and find their WhatsApp call history.


WhatsApp is end-to-end encryption, meaning your chats and calls can’t be intercepted by someone.

When you want to track WhatsApp calls, you can track the WhatsApp call history.

To achieve that, access the target person’s phone secretly, restore their iCloud/iTunes backup, or install a spy app on their phone.

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