How To Do Predictions on Twitch

How To Do Predictions On Twitch

With a Twitch channel, you can attract more viewers for your live streams using the Twitch prediction options. When you meet the requirements, you can create a Twitch prediction and have viewers use their channel points to make their predictions before you start the live streaming activity. You will learn how to make predictions on Twitch by the end of the post.

Quick Answer

To create predictions on Twitch, you must be a Twitch Affiliate or Partner. Once you meet the requirement, creating the prediction is easy. Open your Twitch channel and access the chat section. Type the “/prediction” command and click the “Start Prediction” button. Add your prediction’s name and add the possible outcomes. Once everything is in check, click “Start Prediction” to start your prediction on Twitch.

Twitch predictions are handy in creating engagement in your live streams. We will define what Twitch predictions are and what you must meet before you can create a prediction. Still, we will discuss the steps to create the predictions.

What Is a Twitch Prediction?

Have you ever played a prediction game where you must predict an outcome of an event? That’s the same logic used in Twitch predictions. A Twitch prediction is a game that the streamer or their moderator creates where they create a prediction and give the two possible outcomes. The viewers can then predict the outcome using their channel points.

The predictions mainly involve the streamer’s activity, such as winning a game, completing a milestone, etc. When the viewers make their predictions, the remaining task is to watch the streamer in action to see the outcome. Suppose the outcome a viewer predicted wins. The viewer will earn bonus channel points from those earned in the prediction.

For viewers to make a prediction, they will use their channel points to take a side in the outcome. There is a prize for the outcome that wins, and the viewers will earn a share of the accumulated points if their predicted outcome wins.

How To Do Predictions on Twitch

People love fun activities, and creating a prediction activity will attract more viewers for a Twitch live stream. Before anyone joins the prediction, they must be your followers. Again, the creator must be a Twitch Affiliate or Partner for them to do a prediction activity.

Hence, you must meet the requirements to join the Twitch Affiliate or Partner program. Once you do, you or your moderator can comfortably make the prediction. To start a Twitch prediction requires you to execute a prediction command.

  1. Open Twitch and log in.
  2. Access the channel where you want to make the prediction.
  3. Type the “/prediction” command in the chat section and click the “Send” button.
  4. In the new window, give a name for your prediction.
  5. Add the possible outcomes and the duration for viewers to join the prediction.
  6. Once you’ve added all details, click the “Start Prediction” button at the bottom.

Your prediction is now live, and viewers can start participating in it. Once the time ends, click the “End/Complete prediction” option to end the activity. With the winning outcome selected, Twitch will distribute the accumulated channel points to the winners.

Twitch only allows you to have one active prediction at a time. Once you end it, you can start another prediction.


Twitch predictions help in increasing viewers for a live stream. To make a prediction, open the chat section of your channel and execute the “/prediction” command.

Add the prediction’s details, such as name and timer. Your prediction is live once you click the “Start Prediction” button, and people can start participating.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I join a Twitch prediction without channel points?

Yes, you can join the prediction as a spectator. However, you can only vote once and can’t change your vote. Moreover, you won’t earn any channel points despite making the correct prediction as you are in spectator mode.

Why run Twitch predictions?

Predictions are a way of increasing engagement and viewers for a Twitch live stream. The viewers will be eager to participate in the prediction and tag with friends, increasing viewership.

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