How To Remove Copyright Claim on YouTube Shorts

How To Remove Copyright Claim On Youtube Shorts

When you own a piece of content, such as a song, video, art, etc., you are the original owner, and someone else who uses your content without permission is violating copyrights.

YouTube is keen on ensuring creators don’t violate the copyright of other people’s work. Thus, it will check any video you are uploading. If your YouTube Shorts has a copyright claim, we will guide you on how to remove it.

Quick Answer

A copyright claim signals that your YouTube Shorts is violating someone’s content. If you get a copyright claim on YouTube Shorts, you can remove it differently. First, consider replacing the background song you’ve added with copyright-free audio. Moreover, trim out the copyrighted sections or edit the video to make it copyright compliant. Again, you can mute the background song in your Shorts if the audio is the cause of the copyright claim.

What are YouTube Shorts? What is a copyright claim? How can you remove copyright claims on YouTube Shorts? This post will answer these questions and detail all information and steps you should know.

What Are YouTube Shorts?

YouTube introduced YouTube Shorts to allow creators to get more creative with their content. YouTube Shorts refers to short videos that are vertical in size and a maximum of 60 seconds in length.

YouTube Shorts are created using your phone and uploaded directly to YouTube without involving any editing app. You capture the video using your camera, use the built-in editing tools to edit the clip, add any audio file, and then upload it.

Most YouTube Shorts videos are 15 seconds long, and viewers can engage with the clip, similar to YouTube videos. They can comment, subscribe to your channel, and like, or dislike the YouTube Shorts.

What Is a Copyright Claim?

YouTube allows creators to make content and profit from it. When making content, you must respect other creators by ensuring you don’t use their content as your own, as it infringes their copyright.

You will receive a copyright claim when you violate someone’s copyright in your YouTube Shorts. YouTube can automatically detect any copyright infringement using the content ID checker. Moreover, the owner can file a copyright claim for the uploaded YouTube Shorts.

The copyright claim can cause YouTube Shorts to be taken down, and when you repeat the offense, your channel can be banned. The copyright owner can decide what action to be taken against your YouTube Shorts in response to violating their copyright.

How To Remove Copyright Claim on YouTube Shorts

Does your YouTube Shorts have a content ID claim? If so, it means you’ve infringed on someone’s copyright in YouTube Shorts. When that happens, you can use different methods to remove the copyright claims before further actions are taken on the YouTube Shorts.

Some ways of removing copyright claims on YouTube Shorts include the following.

Trim Out the Segment

You can find the section in your YouTube Shorts containing the copyright and trim the video. That way, the content ID claim will get removed.

Replace the Background Audio

Suppose the copyright claim is because of the song you’ve included in your video. You can change the song and search for copyright-free audio to accompany your YouTube Shorts.

Mute the Song

Instead of replacing the claimed song in your YouTube Shorts, you can consider muting the music instead. That way, the YouTube Shorts will only contain the original sound, such as your voice, not the added audio file with the content ID claim.

Any of the three methods will help you remove copyright claims on your YouTube Shorts. Below are the steps to implement the ideal method for your case.

  1. Open YouTube and tap your profile picture.
  2. Click on YouTube Studio.
  3. Open the “Content” section on the left.
  4. Click the “Filter” option that appears like horizontal lines.
  5. Select the “Copyright” option.
  6. Click the “See Details” button when hovering your cursor over the “Copyright” text under “Restrictions.”
  7. Find the relevant claim and click the “Actions” button (three dots icon).
  8. Choose the method to use and proceed to remove the content ID claim.


When you have a content ID claim on your YouTube Shorts, you can remove it by replacing the audio, muting it, or trimming the copyrighted segment. Hopefully, you’ve found a working method for your case.

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