How To Do a Raffle on Discord

How To Do A Raffle On Discord

Raffles refer to giveaways created when you want to create an engagement for something such that people will be attracted to join the raffle to win the prize. On Discord, you can create a raffle giveaway such that you promote your server to increase its engagement.

In the end, you will have winners, and the raffle will last for the specified duration. This guide will teach you how to create a raffle on Discord.

Quick Answer

The best approach for creating a raffle on Discord is by using a bot. Add the Giveaway bot’s website, invite it to your server, and select the server where you want to create the raffle. Once the bot is added, open your Discord and access the server. To create the raffle giveaway, execute the “/gcreate” command to start an interactive setup for creating your raffle giveaway. Add details, such as the duration and number of winners.

We will begin by understanding why using raffles on Discord is a good idea. Next, we will cover the steps for adding the Giveaway bot on Discord and see how to use it to create raffles on Discord.

Why Use Raffles on Discord?

A raffle is a form of giveaway created where people can join to play the raffle, and the lucky people will win a prize. Raffles are common with brands looking to increase their engagement. You can also use the same idea for your Discord, and there are various benefits you get with using raffles.

Creating Discord raffles offer the following benefits.

Growing a Server

When you have a new server, your main aim is to grow its engagement to help increase the number of members and its popularity. With a well-created Discord raffle, you can get more people to engage with your server to win the prize.

As participants focus on winning the prize, your Discord server is witnessing new members and more engagement. So, by the end of the giveaway, you will have added to your server’s growth and popularity.

Enhances Community Togetherness

When you have a large Discord community, you can create a raffle to bring people together to enhance collaboration and interaction.

Some raffles require people to work as a pair to win the prize. Such cases add to the community’s togetherness and go the extra mile in creating room for interaction.

Getting More Followers

For someone looking to grow their followers, especially if you are a brand utilizing Discord. You can quickly enhance your brand awareness by utilizing a Discord raffle, as people will interact more with your brand.

Before you create your Discord raffle, it’s worth noting a few tips that help create a successful raffle. First, ensure you have a clear objective for running the Discord raffle. What is your goal for the raffle? At the end of the raffle, you must win something, such as more brand awareness or followers.

Again, understand your audience to be better positioned to know how best to run the raffle and what prizes will work best for them. Lastly, set a realistic raffle. Clearly define how many winners the raffle will have and what it takes to win.

With that in mind, you can create your Discord raffle.

How To Do a Raffle on Discord

For our Discord raffle, we will utilize the Giveaway bot and create a separate channel for the giveaway. Take a look!

  1. Open your Discord application.Open Discord
  2. Access the target server where we will add the bot.Navigate To The Server
  3. Click the plus button next to the text channel.Click The Plus
  4. Name your channel a catchy name, such as “Raffle.”Name Your Channel
  5. Click on the “Create Channel” button.Click On The Create Channel Button
  6. Next, visit the Giveaway bot on your browser.Visit The Giveaway Bot On Your Browser
  7. Scroll down and click the “Add to Discord” button.Click The Add To Discord Button
  8. Select the target server where you’ve created a channel.Select The Target Server
  9. Click the “Continue” button.Click The Continue Button
  10. Click the “Authorize” button to grant the bot access to your server.Click The Authorize Button
  11. Check the “I am human” box.Check The I Am Human Box
  12. Once you complete the process, open your Discord application.Open Discord
  13. Open the server containing the Giveaway bot.Navigate To The Server
  14. In the “raffletext channel, type the /gcreate command and press enter.Type The Gcreate Command
  15. The raffle giveaway interactive setup will initiate.The Raffle Giveaway Interactive Setup Will Initiate
  16. Add the details for the raffle, such as the duration, the prize, the number of winners, etc.Add The Details For The Raffle
  17. Once you have entered the details, start the giveaway by clicking the “Submit” button.Click The Submit Button

For instance, to run a three minutes giveaway where the winner receives Steam Code as the prize, you would use the command /gstart 3m 1 Steam Code. In this example, we’ve specified that we can only have one winner.


Raffles are a good way of enhancing your server’s engagement. We’ve seen how you can use the Giveaway bot to create a raffle for your Discord server.

With the details presented in this guide, you can comfortably create a Discord raffle.

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