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How To Do a Giveaway on TikTok (Complete Guide)

How To Do A Giveaway On Tiktok

It has become a common trend to do a giveaway or hold a contest on TikTok to gain users’ attention and increase engagement and reach.

Most brands perform giveaways to increase the awareness of their brands and attract potential buyers to their brands. TikTok, being one of the most used social media apps, has the potential to boost sales or increase the engagement of any brand.

But it is essential to keep some things in mind while doing a giveaway on TikTok to reach its full potential.

Quick Answer

While doing a giveaway on TikTok, it is crucial to consider several things if you want to get the most out of it.

1) Setting a goal for your contest and giveaway.
2) Choosing an enticing prize to attract TikTok users.
3) Setting rules and guidelines for the contest.
4) Defining the criteria for entering into the contest. 

By following these and a few other guidelines, you can have a successful giveaway and attain the goal you want with the contest.

In this article, we will discuss in detail how to do a giveaway on TikTok to achieve your marketing goal and attract TikTok users to participate in your contest. So keep reading this article till the end.

How To Do a Giveaway on TikTok

With the increasing user base of TikTok, it has become a place that can increase the influence of any brand in no time. Due to the viral nature of TikTok, it has become easy for personalities and brands to reach a wide range of audiences without any difficulty.

Following are some of the steps that one should keep in mind while starting a giveaway on TikTok.

Step #1: Decide Your Goal

Before starting your giveaway, it is crucial to decide why you want to start this giveaway.

If you wish to do a giveaway to increase sales, create awareness about your brand, or grow your brand’s following, you must decide before setting a goal.

Because having a plan clears the strategy that you should follow. 

Step #2: Choose an Appealing Prize

Once you have decided the purpose of your giveaway, it is essential to have an enticing prize that can attract users to participate in the contest.

The prize plays a vital role in any contest, and the TikTok giveaway is no exception. The number of prizes can increase the number of participants to a great extent. 

Large brands with a handsome amount of marketing budget can invest in prizes like these:

  • Concert and event tickets
  • Vacations expenses
  • Cash Prizes
  • Jewelry
  • Vehicles

Step #3: Set Rules and Guidelines for the Contest

After setting a prize or giveaway, it is essential to have specific rules and guidelines for your contest or giveaway.

Just like every contest in real life, TikTok giveaways should also have rules to ensure that everyone is doing what is asked of them.

Otherwise, your contest will provide no benefit to you or your brand.

Step #4: Define How Users Can Enter the Contest

This is one of the critical parts of a giveaway. It helps the brands or businesses make an impression on users and create their brand value using several different entry methods.

One of the most common and helpful entry methods is brand-generated hashtags.

It makes the brand famous and viral on TikTok. It lets everyone record their TikTok following specific guidelines and then post it using the branded hashtag.

Other entry methods are used by brands or businesses to let the users participate in the contest.

The following are the most common methods that are widely used on TikTok giveaways and contests:

  • Visiting the Brand Profile
  • Following a profile
  • Watching a video
  • Liking or commenting on a video

Step #5: Launch Your Contest

After everything is decided, you can share the contest details on platforms like the brand website, social media profiles, TikTok page, or any form of media.

To make your contest or giveaway viral, you can use different digital marketing techniques, such as social media marketing and YouTube ads.


It is essential to follow all of these steps for a successful giveaway or contest.

It can be proved to be very successful for your brand’s growth and increasing brand awareness. 

Being the most used social media platform, TikTok has the potential to make your brand and your giveaway viral by following these simple steps.

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