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How To Do a Birthday Fundraiser on Facebook?

How To Do A Birthday Fundraiser On Facebook

Everyone wants to spend their birthdays in the most memorable way possible. What could be more unique and rewarding than helping a cause you believe in?

Facebook made it easy for you to give back to the community on birthdays. Birthday fundraisers were launched by Facebook back in 2017, and since then, over 1 billion dollars have been raised through them!

So, how can you do a birthday fundraiser on Facebook?

Quick Answer

To create a fundraiser, select “Fundraisers” from the left navigation and hit the “Raise money” button. Now, just follow the on-screen instructions to customize the settings, and finally, hit the “Create” button.

There is much more to know. Keep reading to see why you need a fundraiser and how you can reach your goal with just a few clicks. 

Why Should You Make a Birthday Fundraiser?

Collecting donations on birthdays can be a peculiar sight for many people. We have listed below the reasons why you should do it.

Reason #1: Easy and Efficient

Facebook birthday fundraisers are one of the easiest ways to collect charity. All the difficult part of dealing with the amount is handled by Facebook.

The convenience allows people to donate without any hassle.

Reason #2: No Processing Fee

The best part is that Facebook does not charge any processing fee for the nonprofit charity collection.

This means that this comes under Facebook’s philanthropy department, and they do all the heavy lifting for you for free.

Reason #3: Motivational

When friends and followers on Facebook make donations, it motivates the fundraiser host to do more social good.

Charity is also really great for donors’ and hosts’ mental well-being.  

How To Raise Charity via Birthday Fundraiser?

Now that you know what a birthday fundraiser is, you must be curious about how to set it up. 

Well, we have got you covered. 

Setting up a birthday fundraiser is pretty straightforward. You can collect charity for the cause you wish to donate to in a few quick steps.

  1. Navigate to Facebook on your favorite web browser.
  2. Click on the “See more” button in the left navigation.
  3. Select “Fundraisers.”
  4. Click on “Raise money.”
  5. Click on “Charity.”
  6. Select an organization from the list or use the search function.
  7. Enter the amount into the “How much money do you want to raise?
  8. Add the end date.
  9. Add the title for your fundraiser.
  10. Write a paragraph to the “Why are you raising money?” text box.
  11. Upload a cover image if you wish.
  12. Click on the “Create” button at the bottom.

And viola! You just successfully set up your birthday fundraiser.

How To Reach Your Goal?

Raising money, even for charity, requires effort. You have to be specific and give people a good reason to donate. 

We have mentioned a few ways in which you can increase donations.

Suggestion #1: Tell Your Story

In a birthday charity fundraiser, Facebook allows you to give your fundraiser a title and a story. Here, you must be creative and try to be a little unique. 

This is essential because the more you personalize it and tell the right reason to donate, the more people find it relatable and contribute to the cause.

Suggestion #2: Visual Representation

The part where you add an image is a crucial step. Do not just add a random picture; make sure the visuals are related to the cause. 

For example, a cute puppy photo from the dog shelter will help raise money for an animal shelter charity.

Suggestion #3: Invite Your Friends

After you set up, Facebook will allow you to invite your friends. Invite as many friends as you can.

Suggestion #4: Share in News Feed

Sharing in your News Feed is another great way to amplify your voice. All your friends and followers can see it and donate as well.

You should make it public if you have a private account. This will also allow people to share it further on their profiles.

Cross Promotions

Suppose you are a nonprofit organization. In that case, you can mention Facebook birthday fundraising on your website.

Doing so will allow your followers and visitors to dedicate their birthdays to a good cause. Thus enabling you to raise both money and awareness. 

Other than websites, this viable information can also be spread via newsletters and other social media networks.


Doing good on your birthday is just another level of satisfaction, and Facebook gives you a platform just for that. That, too, is not just on a personal level but a collective mission to work towards a cause.

You must now be aware of all the easy steps to raise donations and awareness via a birthday fundraiser, a very effective and easy task to do with the help of Facebook. Reaching your goal has never been easier.

So buckle up for your next birthday as you make this world a better place to live in. 

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