How To Delete a Discord Category

How To Delete A Discord Category

Discord categories help organize your channels into different sections that you can collapse to hide the channels and expand to view all channels in a given server.

You can quickly create and delete a Discord category anytime.

This guide will teach the steps for deleting a Discord category. It could be the category is no longer necessary, and you don’t need it. In that case, there is no harm in deleting it.

Quick Answer

You can delete a Discord category using the Discord mobile app on Android or iOS or the desktop version. Open your Discord account and open the server containing the given category. For mobile phones, long-press the category, but for desktop, right-click on the category. Select the “Edit category” option. On the edit page, click the “Delete category” option. Lastly, confirm your action to finalize the process.

This guide covers the steps for deleting the Discord category. We will see the steps for Android, iOS, and desktop. That way, regardless of the platform you use to access your Discord account, you will have an option that works for your case. Let’s get rolling!

What are Discord Categories?

Discord allows users to create different servers for various agendas. A server can have different channels to facilitate communication.

To help with managing the servers for various servers, Discord allows users to create categories.

A category helps organize channels into various sections, which you can collapse and expand when accessing the server. That way, you can manage the permissions of all channels in a given category instead of handling each channel individually.

You can access a server from the left sidebar and create a category to organize the various channels under that server.

How To Delete a Discord Category

Deleting a Discord category is a straightforward process.

Let’s see the steps for mobile and desktop.

For Android and iOS

  1. Open your Discord app on your iOS or Android.
  2. Locate the server containing the Discord category and click on it.
  3. Long-press on the category.
  4. On the menu that will appear, click on the “Edit category” option.
  5. Click the “Delete Category” option.
  6. Lastly, click the “Delete” button in the confirmation prompt.

That’s it. Your Discord category is successfully deleted.

For Desktop

  1. Open the Discord app on your desktop.
  2. On the left sidebar, click on your server.
  3. Once the server opens, right-click on the target category.
  4. Select the “Delete category” option.
  5. A confirmation prompt will appear. Click the “Delete category” button.

The above two options are how you can delete a Discord category. So, use the method that supports your device, and you can repeat the steps to delete more categories.


Discord category is handy in organizing a server’s channels.

You can collapse the channels and expand them when needed.

When you no longer need a given category on your server, locate it and either long-press on it or right-click, then proceed to delete it.

This guide has presented the steps to delete a Discord category on mobile and Desktop.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I create a Discord category?

To create a category, open your Discord. Open the server where you want to create a category. Click the three dots at the top to open a menu. Next, click the “Create category” option. Type the category’s name and finalize the process by clicking the “Create category” button.

Can I delete a Discord category?

Yes, you can. Open your Discord account and open the server containing the category you want to delete. If using your phone, long-press on the category. For the desktop, right-click on the category. Click the option to “Edit category” and click the “Delete category” option on the next page. Lastly, confirm that you want to delete the category by clicking the “Delete” button.

How do you edit a Discord category?

Open Discord on your mobile phone or desktop. Locate the category that you want to edit. Long-press on it or right-click if using a desktop. Click the “Edit category” option. The edit page will open, and you can edit different details of your Discord category.

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