How To DDoS Someone on Discord?

How To Ddos Someone On Discord

DDoS attacks do happen on Discord. So, it’s essential to know how the attacks happen to avert one.

So, how can someone DDoS others on Discord?

Quick Answer

It’s possible to DDoS on Discord. You can attack a server or a Discord user. You’ll need to access the person’s IP address or the server’s details. It’s less challenging to DDoS a public server than a private one. A private server will require an invite to make the DDoS attack workable. Once you have the server’s details, you can overwhelm the server’s traffic with a group of bots (botnet).

DDoS attacks are harmful to servers and individuals. In an extreme case, an attacker can erase the server’s existence or cause devices to shut down. Therefore, we need to know about these attacks and how to block them.

Today’s guide will explore how a malicious person can DDoS a person on Discord.

What’s DDoS?

Hackers or malicious people design Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks to overwhelm a site or server’s normal operations.

Owners of digital shops, websites, casinos, and other online resources set their sites to handle a specific number of entry requests.

The sites can service these requests concurrently without delays as long as they stick to the limit. Issues like slow responses or ignored requests may occur when they exceed the sites’ capacity.

The DDoS attacks take advantage of the server’s limited capacity. The attacker will send an overpowering number of requests to a targeted server preventing access to legitimate site users or visitors.

The immense data flow may cause a server or website to shut down.

DDoS Attacks on Discord

DDoS attacks are common on Discord. The DDoS attacks target servers and members. The hackers overload a server or steal members’ IP addresses to DDoS them.

Such attacks may slow down or crush a Discord server. In some cases, it may cause the server to shut down.

Public servers are more affected than private servers because they require invites to access them. Although it is easy to access a public server, it is not easy to access a server’s or members’ IP addresses.

Discord uses a client-server structure to hide IP addresses. But it’s not entirely impossible to access them. Tools such as Discord IP tracker, IP Resolver, or an IP Logger can help you get any IP address on Discord.

You can also access server details using the Inspect element on your browser.

DDoS attacks can also affect users. Hackers can steal their IP address via Discord and send bots to DDoS them.

Here are the different ways someone can initiate a DDoS attack on someone or servers on Discord.

Using Bots To Attack a Server

You’ll need access to the server to locate its IP address and initiate a DDoS attack on the server. Use the Inspect element on your browser to pinpoint the IP address. Anyone can do it.

You don’t need any special developer skills to use the Inspect element. Just follow these steps:

  1. Launch Discord on your favorite browser.
  2. Navigate to the server you wish to DDoS.
  3. Press Ctrl+Shift+I on your keyboard.
  4. Refresh the page.
  5. You’ll see codes running through the left section of your screen.
  6. Find the server IP address from the requests.

You also need bots that can help you make multiple discord accounts. You can create them or obtain ready-made/preprogrammed Discord bots online. The botnets will do the spamming or junk texting.

Alternatively, create a bot that can attract or request other bots to join the server. Once you have the bots, start jamming the server with loads of messages or requests.

Your goal should be to overwhelm the server’s bandwidth. So you’ll have to increase the bots’ activity periodically. A successful DDoS attack should render the server inaccessible.

Try to revisit the server. The DDoS attack is successful if you can’t access it or it takes too long to get in.  

DDoS a User

It’s burdensome to use the Inspect Element to access a user’s IP address on Discord. So, you’ll have to use an IP-grabbing tool such as an IP resolver. Do it as follows.

  1. Enable “Developers Mode” on your Discord. (User Settings> “App Settings” > “Advanced” > “Enable Developer Mode”).
  2. Go to the “friends list” and select the person’s username.
  3. Click on the username and tap “Copy ID.”
  4. Go to Discord IP Resolver and paste the ID on the “IP Address” input box.
  5. Click “Resolve.”

The Discord IP grabber might not work best. Read our article to find out how to grab an IP address from Discord.

You also need bots to DDoS someone via Discord. Once you have the person’s IP Address and bots, direct the bots to jam their traffic.

You can also use Command Prompt if you don’t want to use bots. It will work since you’re DDoSing a smaller target. The Command Prompt technique will also require an IP Address.

Obtain the IP Address from Discord and DDoS someone as follows.

  • Open your Command Prompt on your PC.
  • Input ping <IP Address> -t |60000 in the CMD and hit enter.

Put the user’s IP Address in the <IP Address> section. You can also change the 60,000 to any number you desire. The number represents the data load you wish to send to the targeted user.

Concluding Thoughts

You can DDoS someone on Discord. It also means anyone can DDoS you through Discord. You only need an IP address to initiate the DDoS attack.

Discord has a mechanism to hide users’ IP Addresses. However, a tech-savvy person can easily access it. Also, tools like Discord IP Resolver can help you capture IP addresses on Discord.

Once you have the IP address, you can do anything with it, including a DDoS attack.


Can I prevent a DDoS attack on Discord?

Yes, you can. Connect your device to a protected network. DDoS attacks often take advantage of security gaps present in your network. Therefore, ensure your network has intrusion detection systems, a reliable firewall, and an anti-virus. 

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