How To Propose on Discord

How To Propose On Discord

When you think about Discord and its multiple features, you may think about how to propose and marry someone on Discord. If you’ve seen people marry each other on Discord and are unsure how to achieve that, we got your back.

Thanks to the many Discord bots at your disposal, one, in particular, allows you to propose and marry someone and even adopt children to create a family tree.

Quick Answer

You must use the Marriage bot in a Discord server to propose on Discord. So, ensure you first visit the bot’s page and invite it to your server. Once the bot is added to the server, you can propose using the “/marry @username.” The tagged person will receive your proposal, and they can accept it to become your spouse. Once you marry someone, you can use other commands that help you grow your family tree by getting kids.

The marriage bot facilitates proposals on Discord. We will discuss the Marriage bot and all the steps you need to propose to someone on Discord and create your family tree. Let’s dive in!

How Does Marriage Work in Discord?

When you are on Discord, there is plenty of fun to enjoy using various bots. Some bots take things next level, such as the Marriage bot. Its primary function is to let users have fun by bringing love and drama to a Discord server.

With this bot, you can propose to someone and marry them. Although nothing much comes from the marriage, the idea is to have fun by marrying someone and creating a family tree by adopting other server members as your children to mimic the real-world scenario. You can even divorce when you no longer feel the love thing.

Are you ready to test how far you can go with the Marriage bot on Discord? Read on to see how to use the Marriage bot on your Discord server.

How To Propose on Discord

Let’s admit it. There is fun in proposing to someone on Discord. The illusion of marrying someone in real life and getting children is adorable, and when you want to experience it, you must use the Marriage bot.

When you add the Marriage bot to your server, members can execute different commands to enjoy the bot’s functionalities, such as marrying each other.

Before we propose on Discord, let’s first add the Marriage bot to our Discord server.

  1. Visit the top.gg website and search for the Marriage bot.
  2. Once it comes up, click the “Invite” button.
  3. Use your Discord credentials to sign in to your account.
  4. Select the server where you want to use the bot and press the “Continue” button.
  5. On the permissions page, review them, and click the “Authorize” button.
  6. Once you complete the captcha, the bot is available on your Discord server.

The first task is completed. Now we move to the fun part, using the bot to propose and create our family tree.

  1. Open your Discord application.
  2. Once you’ve logged in, open the server where we added the Marriage bot by clicking on its name on the left.
  3. Once the server opens, access its text channel.
  4. Identify the person you want to propose to and get their username.
  5. Type the “/marry @useraname” and press the send button.

The tagged person will get notified about your proposal, and once they accept it, you become married and can start growing your family tree.

If the person accepts your proposal, you can execute the “/adopt @username” to make the tagged person your child by adopting them. You can romance your spouse. For instance, the “/hug” command will send hugs to them, and they can respond by hugging you or kissing you by executing the “/kiss @username” command.

When you no longer want to remain married, use the “/divorce” command, and you will become a single person. You can even disown all your children using the “/disown” command.


To propose on Discord requires you to add the Marriage bot and use the /marry command to send your proposal to the mentioned user. This post has detailed everything about proposing and marrying someone on Discord.

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