How To Buy Discord Members

How To Buy Discord Members

When your Discord server has more members, it increases its social proof so that other people will likely join it. So, if you have fake members, you will start getting real members who will engage in the group.

Buying Discord members is your best chance of increasing fake membership in your Discord server, and the process is straightforward, as you will see by the end of this post.

Quick Answer

To buy Discord members, you must find a provider offering this service. There are different websites to purchase Discord members, such as Gramlike.com. Once you visit the site, share your Discord invite link with the provider and pay for the number of Discord members you want. Lastly, wait for a given time, from a few hours to a day or two, and you will notice the provider has added new members to your server.

We will discuss what Discord members are and why having many members is an advantage. Next, we will mention different reputable sites where you can buy Discord members and the process to follow to buy the members.

Why Do Discord Members Matter?

When you create a Discord server, you could want to grow your community by bringing like-minded people to join the server. Also, maybe you are working on an NFT project or promoting a game. Whatever the case, Discord members are the people you invite or add to your Discord server to engage in different discussions.

Discord ranks servers depending on the number of server members. Moreover, the more members your server has, the higher its social proof, meaning new people you share the invite link to will likely join your server as they will see the server already has many members.

Having many members also means your server will be more active, as there are plenty of people to engage in discussions. So, if you were promoting your project, it can quickly get more engagement and traffic.

How To Buy Discord Members

Getting genuine server members takes time and challenges most server owners. Hence, many prefer to buy fake members from different providers to increase the membership count and hopefully attract more genuine members.

There are four key steps to follow when buying Discord members.

  1. Find a reliable Discord members provider online.
  2. Give the provider your Discord invite link to your server.
  3. Pay for the service, depending on the number of members you want and the provider’s rate.
  4. Let the provider work on adding the members. You will start noticing new members on your server within a given duration, from a few hours to a few days.

The above steps rely on first getting a reliable Discord members provider. Although there are legitimate providers, you must be keen in your dealing as you can easily fall victim to fake providers. To avoid such a scenario, below are the five reliable providers you can rely on when buying Discord members.


Among the different service providers, Gramlike is the leading platform. The site is safe, reliable, and has quick navigation. Besides, they offer different packages for Discord members and are the fastest in delivering Discord members to your server.

Hype Freaks

This site accepts only cryptocurrency as a payment option. Nonetheless, their services are fast and reliable. You can easily buy Discord members from Hyperfreaks, and navigation of their site is simple to accommodate everyone.


Fiverr is a marketplace offering different services. You are guaranteed to find someone selling Discord members on Fiverr. However, their prices may be higher than other providers.


UseViral offers different services, especially for Instagram. You can still purchase Discord members from the site. They guarantee fast delivery and affordable pricing.


Upwork is another excellent marketplace where you can join the platform and interview different providers to find the best match for your budget and requirements. You will get reliable Discord member providers from the platform.


It’s possible to buy Discord members to increase your server’s membership. This guide has covered all the details about purchasing Discord members, from why you should buy members, the process to follow, and the sites to use.

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