What Permissions To Give Discord Bots?

What Permissions To Give Discord Bots

A bot is only effective based on the permissions that you give it.

When inviting the bot to your server, after selecting your server, the next step is to choose the permissions to give to it.

Different permissions appear, and you decide which to give the bot.

Most of us are unsure which permissions are ideal for the bot.

Well, we will understand more about this by the end of this post.

Quick Answer

The permissions you give the bot will depend on the bot’s purpose. You should provide it with admin privileges if it’s a moderation bot. However, other bots require less powerful permissions. For example, the “Send Messages” permission allows the bot to text in the channel. For the music bot, you can give “Connect” and “Speak” permissions or the “Read Text Channels” when you want the bot to respond to messages. You can also allow it to mention @here and @everyone on the server.

When adding a bot to your server, you should be keen on the permissions you give it. We will discuss why these permissions matter while detailing the different permissions you should provide Discord with bots.

Should You Grant Permissions to Discord Bots?

Yes, you should. When a bot is created, the different tasks it executes depend on the permissions granted to it when being added to a server. Still, when adding the bot to your server, you will note a permissions screen will appear.

By default, the bot will have assigned itself the different permissions required. However, you can disable these permissions and only grant those you are comfortable granting.

These permissions help ensure the bot can meet its tasks.

For instance, if you add a music bot, it can’t play music without permission to “Connect” and “Speak.” The bot will be added but appear muted because you didn’t give it the correct permissions.

You must grant a bot permission when adding it to the server. However, it’s worth understanding the different permissions to give the bots and which permissions need caution when granting them to a bot.

What Permissions To Give Discord Bots?

When you ask what permissions you should give a Discord bot, the answer will depend on the bot’s role. The permissions you give to a moderation bot differ from those you provide to a music bot.

The first step to knowing which permissions you should give the Discord bot is to understand the purpose of the bot you are adding.

What is the bot expected to do? Once you answer this question, you will quickly identify the permissions you should give the bot.

Some of the various permissions you can give the bots include the following:

Grant Owo Permission Access
  • Connect – The permission lets the bot join any voice channel in your server when granted. It works well with music bots.
  • Read Message History – When adding a bot that deals with answering user questions, helping them understand your project, etc., you can grant it this permission.
  • Send Messages – This permission allows the bot to send messages in a text channel in the server where you add them. It is ideal when you want the bot to share texts; almost every bot requires this permission unless you don’t want members to interact with it.
  • Ban and Kick Members – For an admin bot, you must allow it to ban and kick out members on your server.
  • Deafen Members – The administrative permission allows the bot to deafen members in the voice channel. When adding a moderation bot, you can combine it with the “Mute members” permission.
  • Move Members – With this permission, the bot can move server members from one voice channel to another.
  • Speak – Once you grant the bot permission to join a voice channel, you also need to allow it to speak in the voice channel with the Speak permission.
  • Mention @here and @everyone – With this permission, you allow the bot to share notifications and tag everyone on the server. The @here lets the bot tag all online members in the channel when conveying a message.
  • Manage Roles – The permission allows bots to manage and edit roles in the server. If adding a bot that assigns roles to members, you must grant it this permission.


When you want to add a bot to your server, you must know which permissions it requires and those you will grant.

We’ve discussed why permissions are essential and the different permission you can give to the Discord bots.

From that, you can know which permissions to give your Discord bot.

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