How To Buy a Discord Server

How To Buy A Discord Server

When you create a Discord account, many people next create a server and invite their friends. You could hope to create a large Discord community, and you must start from scratch.

Creating a server is easy, but growing it to a large community with thousands of members is challenging. As such, many people prefer to buy a Discord server. How does that work?

Quick Answer

When purchasing a Discord server, you must find a reliable seller from various Discord marketplaces. Check the server being sold, its members, and its category, and compare the prices for different sellers. That way, you can easily get the best price and server. Once satisfied with the server, contact the seller, negotiate the price, and proceed to complete the transaction and ensure you get the server token to access it.

We will discuss how to buy Discord servers and why people buy Discord servers. Still, we will present the best sites you can rely on when you want to buy Discord servers for your niche. Let’s dig in!

Why Buy a Discord Server?

According to Discord, buying servers is against the terms of service, and Discord discourages users from buying or selling Discord servers. You can get banned from Discord if they catch you violating this term of service.

However, when you start a Discords server from scratch, the process is not easy. Many people cannot create a Discord server from scratch to get the targeted audience and large following. Buying a premade server becomes an option when you can’t create your server from the ground.

You could want to sell your product or market a given item. A server with many members offers a better market and more opportunities than creating a server from scratch. The prices for different servers vary depending on various metrics, such as the number of members. We will investigate the process and where to buy these Discord servers.

How To Buy a Discord Server

When you are determined to buy Discord servers, the main consideration is where to buy the server. You must get a reliable marketplace to get a good server for the right price without getting scammed. Here are the most reliable sites to source a Discord server.


With EpicNPC, you can get a good server, depending on your budget. You will see the different servers uploaded by the sellers and the description of the server. Still, you will see the number of members the server has and how much the server is being sold for.


The platform focuses on peer-to-peer transactions. You will get numerous servers up for sale. Besides, you can review the servers to check what features they offer and whether they are worth the quoted price.

You can also chat with the seller and get clarification for any issue about the server. Ultimately, you will have a server you can buy for the right price and one that will meet your goal.


When you visit this site, you will see a listing of the available servers. Each server will have its description and the quoted price.

You will also see the reply rate of the seller. That way, you will know if they are available for clarification. Once you chat with the seller, you can negotiate the price and complete your transaction.


When buying a Discord server, your security is a key concern. With UseViral, they offer a secure way of transacting with the seller. That way, you will get a good server without getting scammed.

Again, they have different categories of Discord servers available for purchase. When you review their various offers, you can make an informed decision on which server to buy.

The process of buying the Discord server depends on the platform you use. However, once you find a server, begin by reaching out to the seller. Negotiate the price and proceed to complete the transaction on the site. You are more secure transacting on the site other than going outside the platform, as that won’t secure the deal for both sides.

Besides, some sellers can try to scam you by tricking you into completing the transaction outside the marketplace.


Everyone has their reasons for wanting to buy or sell a Discord server. When you want to buy a server, visit a marketplace that sells Discord servers, check the available servers and compare the prices, negotiate with the seller, and complete the transaction within the platform. Hopefully, you’ve managed to buy your preferred Discord server thanks to this guide.

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