How To Add 60 Seconds Music on YouTube Shorts

How To Add 60 Seconds Music On Youtube Shorts

When creating YouTube Shorts, many users watch short clips of about 15 seconds. However, it’s possible to create longer videos up to 60 seconds long. You could have longer content you want to include in one clip.

YouTube Shorts are an excellent way of getting a wider reach, and if you have no idea how to add 60 seconds of music on YouTube Shorts, we will guide you.

Quick Answer

You must know how to extend the video length to include 60 seconds of music on YouTube Shorts. So, open your YouTube app, tap the plus icon at the bottom, and select “Create a Short.” Tap the 15s button to increase the video length to 60s. Next, tap the “Add Sound” button and select any audio track you wish to use. Each track has a duration, so add 60 seconds of music and start recording your video.

YouTube Shorts are a great way of creating interesting and short clips that will reach a wider reach. You will learn what YouTube Shorts is, how to use it, and the steps for adding 60 seconds of music.

What Are YouTube Shorts?

YouTube is mainly known for letting creators upload longer videos. You can have a YouTube video extending to several hours. The duration of the YouTube video depends on the content being uploaded. You will find tutorials with longer durations, while other videos, like songs, have a shorter length.

YouTube is best described as a video-sharing social media, and when you want to create short clips using your phone, you can utilize the YouTube Shorts feature. With YouTube Shorts, you can instantly record a video, add filters and effects, then upload it to your channel.

YouTube Shorts have a maximum of 60 seconds in length, and the feature was launched in 2020 in India before being rolled out to other regions. Anyone looking to market their brand and reach a wider target can create a YouTube short and maximize it.

How To Add 60 Seconds Music to YouTube Shorts

Many creators are used to creating YouTube Shorts for only 15 seconds. However, you can create clips that extend to 60 seconds and add 60 seconds of music to these clips. You could have longer content and need your YouTube Shorts to cover everything in 60 seconds.

YouTube currently allows creators to create longer clips, and you can add a 60 seconds audio track from the music library. It would be best if you first changed the video length to make it 60 seconds. Once you do, add a 60 seconds audio track to your YouTube Shorts, start recording, edit, and upload the final version to YouTube.

Here’s the detailed process you should follow.

  1. Open the YouTube app on your phone.
  2. Sign in to your account.
  3. Tap the plus icon at the bottom.
  4. Select the “Create a Short” option.
  5. Tap the 15s button at the top right corner to make it 60s.
  6. Tap the “Add Sound” button at the top.
  7. Select an audio track from the YouTube library.

The selected audio will display its duration time. That way, you can verify that it is a 60s YouTube audio. With the audio selected, edit your video and click the “Record” button to start recording. You can then upload your YouTube Short for the world to see and interact with.


YouTube now allows creators to select 60s audio from its library. To add 60 seconds of music on YouTube, extend the length of the YouTube Shorts to 60 seconds.

From there, add the sound and select any audio track that is 60s long. That’s how you use 60s music on YouTube.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long can YouTube Shorts be?

You can create YouTube Shorts of about 15 or 60 seconds long. Many creators prefer 15s, but it is now possible to have YouTube Shorts with a maximum of 60s.

Can you add 60 seconds of music on YouTube Shorts?

Yes, you can. When you want a 60 seconds YouTube Shorts, you can extend its length and include a 60s audio track you’re the YouTube library.

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