How To See Twitch Chat in VR

How To See Twitch Chat In Vr

If you’re a gamer looking for a community of like-minded individuals, then Twitch is your platform. Twitch is a live-streaming app that mainly focuses on online gaming.

You’ll find channels and creators dedicated to various popular games, including Valorant, Minecraft, and Apex Legends.

Besides streaming these games on a PC or phone, some users like to immerse themselves in the gameplay using virtual reality.

If you play VR on Twitch, you may wonder how to see your chat feed so you can continue conversing with your viewers.

Quick Answer

Sign into your Twitch account on one tab and open StreamElements on the other. Navigate to the chat section on Twitch, open its settings, and click “Popout chat.” On StreamElements, go to the “Activity” feed and click the chat popout icon. Next, close the open tabs on your browser, launch Oculus VR, and bring up the Oculus menu. Click the plus icon and choose your PC’s web browser. Click the drop-down arrow and select your Twitch chat tab.

This post details the steps to see Twitch Chat on VR when using Oculus VR and StreamElements as your primary gameplay and Twitch chat programs.

Overview of Seeing Twitch Chat on VR

As noted earlier, Twitch’s leading community is gamers. Twitch has improved its features as the gaming world advances, allowing users and streamers to maximize their user experience.

One of these improved features is the ability to keep up with your Twitch feed and chat while playing a game in VR. There are various VR programs, but the most common among Twitch streamers are Oculus and Steam VR.

In addition to the VR programs, most streamers use a secondary streaming program like Streamlabs or StreamElements to broadcast their videos. Streaming programs have advanced video and audio features, making broadcasting videos on Twitch more convenient.

One of the main concerns of streamers using VR is keeping up with their Twitch chat and streaming program activity feeds.

This is because chat interactions are a significant part of Twitch’s appeal. Streamers and viewers continually engage in the comment section, making gaming activity more exciting.

Next, we’ll cover the steps to see your Twitch chat and streaming program activity panel in your VR.

Step-by-Step Guide to Seeing Twitch Chat in VR

As explained in the introduction, there are various VR programs a Twitch streamer can use, but the most common are Oculus and Steam.

The first step is to ensure you have downloaded and installed a VR program. After, you can launch it so it’s running in the background of your PC while you navigate the Twitch app.

This section explains how to pin your Twitch chat feed using Oculus VR. Follow the instructions below.

  1. First, launch your web browser on your PC.
  2. Sign into your Twitch account.
  3. Click on another tab and open your streaming program. In this case, we will use StreamElements.
  4. Next, click the settings icon on the Chat section on Twitch.
  5. Click “Popout Chat” on the menu.
  6. Navigate to StreamElements and click on the “Activity” tab in the menu.
  7. Click the popup icon at the top-left corner of the activity window.
  8. Close the open tabs on your web browser.
  9. Ensure the chat windows are appearing on your PC screen.
  10. Next, open the Oculus VR program running in the background. Ensure you have your VR headset on.
  11. Press the Oculus button using the right-side controller to bring up the menu. You will see your PC desktop page in the background.
  12. Navigate to the toolbar at the bottom of the menu and scroll to the right side.
  13. Click on the plus (+) icon. This will bring up the desktop panel.
  14. Click the drop-down arrow next to the browser name where you opened the Twitch chat and StreamElements activity tabs.
  15. Click on the Twitch chat tab.
  16. Click on the side trigger on your Oculus VR controller and hold.
  17. Move the chat window to the most convenient place in your VR environment.
  18. Click on the pin icon at the bottom of the Twitch chat window.
  19. Do the same for the StreamElements tab and pin it.
  20. Exit the Oculus menu and launch a game.
  21. As you play, you’ll notice your Twitch chat and StreamElements tabs where you pinned them.

You can’t minimize the Twitch chat popup window when you close the web browser tab, as they won’t appear in the background when you launch the VR program. Additionally, ensure you pin the chat window so it doesn’t disappear when you exit the Oculus menu.


To see Twitch chat in VR, you must pop up the chat window through the chat settings. After, use the VR program menu to select your web browser from the desktop window. Remember to pin the chat to prevent it from disappearing when you exit the menu.

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