How To Ask a Girl to FaceTime

How To Ask A Girl To Facetime

Unlike pre-pandemic times, virtual dates are becoming increasingly common. This is mainly because during the covid period, people were forced to adapt to connecting virtually, and as a result, many noticed the convenience was unmatched.

Also, the prospect of video calls such as FaceTime has opened up the dating field considering you can FaceTime someone in a different continent if you please.

Quick Answer

Assuming you are trying to suggest FaceTime to a girl, here are a few ways to go about it. Mention that you enjoy your phone calls and wouldn’t mind taking it a step further to FaceTime. Ask to keep them company via FaceTime as they do their business, etc.

While asking someone to FaceTime is easier than asking them on a date, it still needs some skill. This post will equip you with all the necessary skills to land that FaceTime call.

How To Know a Girl Is Open to a FaceTime Call

Not everyone is comfortable with FaceTime calls, especially if the two of you are not close acquaintances. We can attribute the aforementioned to the fact that you need the person’s phone number or registered email address to even FaceTime, and some people don’t like sharing their personal contact information.

Alternatively, they could be shy or just not interested in you. For those reasons, it’s imperative to have a rough idea that the other person is interested in the FaceTime call before you ask them to avoid rejection.

Here are a few indications you can look out for.

If They Answer Your Texts Promptly

One clear indication that the girl you are pursuing is equally into you is if they answer your texts promptly. This means they take time out of their day to engage with you, and they might enjoy how the conversation flows.

Assuming you and the said girl are talking via a dating site or social media, asking FaceTime is one way to find out if they wish to explore the newfound connection further, considering they will have to give you their contact information.

Hint at It and Asses Their Reaction

Instead of straight out asking the person to FaceTime, you can start to hint at it, and by their reaction, you will be able to assess whether or not to continue. For example, when you have an unrelated conversation, mention that you love video calls, then wait for their reaction.

Various Ways To Ask a Girl to FaceTime

For some reason, FaceTime calls often feel more personal than normal calls. Therefore, feeling tense about asking a girl to FaceTime call you is normal. Below are a few pointers that should be of help.

Send Her a Gift

We all love gifts, especially when they are thoughtful and given with good intentions. That said, one of the best ways to get someone to FaceTime is to ask permission to send them a gift to their home, workplace, or wherever they are.

So assume you send them a dress they always wanted, and they confirm that they like the gift. You can then casually suggest for them to FaceTime you while wearing said dress so you can see how beautiful they look.

Plan a Virtual Date

Most women prefer a partner who knows how to plan something fun, as it shows that you took time off your day to dedicate it to the activity. So, try and plan a virtual date, invite them to the said date, and propose the location to be on FaceTime.

A fun virtual date idea is having dinner together, you can go the extra mile and arrange for their favorite food to be delivered. This saves them the time they could have spent preparing the food; chances are, the girl will be impressed with the attention to detail.

Frame It as a Way To Get To Know Each Other Better

Phone calls and texts can only go so far when getting to know each other. Therefore, let the girl know this, and they will most likely agree with the sentiment. It’s at that point that you should suggest FaceTime. It’s cheaper and more engaging, considering you only need a Wi-Fi connection.

The bonus point is you can see each other’s face to face, which eliminates the possibility of the person being a catfish. To make the call fun, consider playing thought-provoking games you can easily get from the internet, as that eliminates the chances of prolonged awkward silences.

Be Up-Front About It

Confidence is an admirable characteristic when it comes to pursuing a girl. Therefore, you can also try and be up-front about wanting to FaceTime. Chances are, the girl will feel the same way and be open to FaceTime calls.

Remember, asking someone to FaceTime is a much smaller request than asking them for a physical date. And also, it requires little to no resources, which is a plus.


FaceTime has become a new norm for iOS users planning virtual dates. For this reason, it’s imperative to know the tips and tricks to invite a girl to a FaceTime call successfully.

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