How To Apply for YouTube Shorts Fund

How To Apply For Youtube Shorts Fund

Content creators appreciate YouTube shorts for allowing them to create bite-sized videos that yield more engagement and attract more views and subscribers to their main channel.

YouTube shorts are videos of around 60 seconds or less that you create using your mobile phone, edit, and directly upload. Creators are eligible for the YouTube shorts fund, and we will see how to apply.

Quick Answer

Every content creator is eligible for YouTube Shorts funds. There is no direct way to apply for it. Instead, you should create engaging content that aligns with YouTube’s guidelines. That way, YouTube can select you for getting high views, and you will earn a share of the $100 million fund set aside for the program. The goal is to attract more people to create YouTube Shorts, and creators with the most views have better chances of earning a monthly share of the fund.

We will guide you in understanding what it takes to apply for the YouTube shorts fund. Still, we will understand what YouTube shorts are, how it works, and handle different questions many creators ask regarding YouTube shorts.

What Are YouTube Shorts and YouTube Shorts Fund?

Aside from creating long videos and uploading them to YouTube, creators are now allowed and encouraged to take advantage of YouTube Shorts. It is a feature introduced to help creators create short videos and upload them to their channels.

With YouTube shorts, you must utilize the YouTube app to create the video, edit it, and upload it directly to your account without using other programs. The videos you create are around 15 to 60 seconds long. Many brands and creators rely on YouTube shorts to get a wider reach to get more viewers and subscribers.

YouTube introduced YouTube Shorts Fund as one of its strategies for monetizing the feature and increasing its engagement. The program’s budget of $100M would be distributed to different creators who received the highest views for their YouTube shorts.

With this fund in place, YouTube aimed at getting more creators on board the YouTube shorts feature, increasing its engagement.

How To Apply for YouTube Shorts Fund

Surprisingly, every content creator is eligible for YouTube Shorts funds. But there is no direct way to apply; you’ll get selected. However, you must adhere to YouTube’s community guidelines.

The content you create determines how lucky you are to get a shot at the YouTube shorts fund. The most engaging content with the highest views will get a share of the fund.

The trick is to create unique and engaging content. Once you do, the content will hopefully get more viewers, and you will earn a share of the fund based on your views.

YouTube will reach out to you when your content has the highest views and engagement. All creators with the highest views will get a share of the reward.

You can increase your chances of getting the reward by creating more engaging content. While at it, you will get more audiences for your YouTube channel.


YouTube announced the YouTube shorts fund as its way of encouraging more engagement and rewarding creators. No application is required to become eligible.

However, you must create engaging content to get high views to stand a chance of getting a share of the reward.

This post has explained what the YouTube shorts fund is. Still, we’ve discussed what it takes to apply for the YouTube shorts fund.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you get income from YouTube Shorts?

Yes, you can. There are different ways to monetize YouTube shorts. Still, you can create engaging content and see if you get eligible for the YouTube shorts funds to earn rewards from the program.

How do I go viral with YouTube Shorts?

The secret for going viral is to create engaging content that will gather large views and many people sharing the video with friends. Find a unique idea, then creatively create a YouTube short for the idea. Once you achieve that, you will end up with viral YouTube shorts.

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