How To Stream iTunes on Discord?

How To Stream Itunes On Discord

Streaming your favorite movies, shows, music, or Podcast on Discord is a superb way to enjoy this content with your friends.

When physical boundaries limit your fun movie night with friends, digital watch parties are a good resort in such circumstances.

You can stream movies, TV shows, or videos from Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and even iTunes.

iTunes is a program by Apple that helps users to download, play, and organize various audio and video files.

Apple has replaced many functionalities of iTunes with separate apps like Apple Music and Apple TV apps in the new macOS; it still exists along with the fresher launched services.

So, if you wonder how to stream iTunes media on Discord, we can help you.

Quick Answer

To stream iTunes, you must have media on iTunes. You can buy your favorite movies, shows, or other content or get it on rent. Now, with the “Share Your Screen” option, you can stream the content by sharing your iTunes screen. Your friends can enjoy it when they join the voice channel where you host your stream. Moreover, you can send invitations to people for your livestream.

Let us walk you through a step-by-step guide to stream your favorite movies, shows, podcasts, music, albums, or whatnot on Discord from iTunes.

Step-by-Step Guide To Stream iTunes on Discord

With this guide, you can stream iTunes media on Discord.

Though Apple has launched Apple Music, Apple TV, and other utilities limiting iTunes roles in newer macOS, some people still prefer iTunes over the new subscription-based services, especially on Windows.

Step #1: Open the iTunes App on Your Computer

The first step is to open the iTunes app on your computer to play content from it on Discord. 

Windows users can download the official iTunes app from the Microsoft store.

iTunes Store has a vast collection of Movies, TV shows, Audiobooks, songs, Apps, podcasts, and others that you can purchase, download, or rent for 24 hours to stream on Discord or any platform.


Buying a movie or TV show is more expensive than renting a media.

Plus, there are free items like podcasts that you can enjoy.

Important Notice

We do not condone streaming copyrighted content on any medium, as it is unethical and illegal.

Whatever you download or rent will automatically appear under their specific heads in the “Library” section. Similarly, you can download the media on your computers to view them anytime offline.

Alternatively, you can upload any media from your computer on iTunes by going like this:

  1. Open the iTunes app on your PC.Open The Itunes App On Your Pc.
  2. Click on the “File” menu at the top left.Click On The&Nbsp;File Menu&Nbsp;At The Top Left.
  3. Select the “Add File to Library…” option.Select The Add File To Library Option.
  4. Select the media file from your device.Select The&Nbsp;Media File From Your Device.

After all this, you can open any media from the iTunes library or computer to stream on Discord.

Good To Know 

You can also sync your iPhone content on iTunes using a USB cable to get your iPhone media on your computer.

Step #2: Share iTunes on Discord

Now, open the Discord desktop client on your computer and join any voice channel where you want to stream. Next, click the screen-sharing icon next to the rocket icon at the bottom.

From the pop-up, select the screen where the iTunes app is opened to watch content from the library. If the media file is downloaded on your computer, navigate to it and open it to stream it.

Next, select the resolution, frame rate, stream quality, and channel.

Now, click the “Go Live” button to share your screen and enjoy the content with your friends.


You can check the option “Notify my friends in the server that I’m streaming” to let your friends know of your streaming activity to begin.

If you want to end the stream, tap on the “Stop Streaming” button to stop the stream.


You can also share your Apple Music via Spotify integration on Discord.

Screen-Sharing iTunes on Discord iOS

Alternatively, iPhone and iPad users can also share movies, TV shows, and other media purchased on iTunes and stream them on the Discord app.

You can sync iTunes to transfer media files to your iPhone or iPad.

Alternatively, you can use Apple Music, Apple TV, Apple Podcasts, and Apple Book apps to play music, movies, TV shows, or your favorite audiobooks purchased via these apps or even from iTunes on your iPhone.

Once you open the media in the iTunes app or their specific apps, open the Discord app and go to the desired voice channel to begin the voice call. 

Swipe up the bottom of the screen and select the “Share Your Screen” option from the menu, then tap the “Start Broadcast” button. 

Now, open iTunes or any app with iTunes media and start playing it to stream it on Discord.

Good To Know 

You can download your iTunes media on your computer and connect your Android device to your computer to transfer the files. Now, you can share this content on Discord Android through the screen-sharing option, as explained above.

Bottom Line

There is no fun in watching your favorite shows or movies alone in seclusion.

Come out of your shell and use the screen-sharing feature of Discord to stream any content from iTunes, Netflix, HBO, Hulu, or YouTube with your Discord friends.

So, get any movie or TV show on iTunes on rent or purchase it to download on your device. Our guide lets you stream iTunes on Discord desktop client, iOS, iPad, and Android phones. 

However, it seems like Apple is slowly phasing out iTunes with its latest launches of Apple Music, Apple TV, Apple Podcast, and Apple Books, performing each function separately.

For now, iTunes still has not gone anywhere. Let’s see what the future holds for iTunes.

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