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How To Add a Tab in Microsoft Teams

How To Add A Tab In Microsoft Teams

If you use Microsoft Teams for most of your remote work and connect with colleagues, knowing how to add a tab is beneficial in many ways. Microsoft Teams support team collaboration by giving a workspace for people to connect, share files, join meetings, etc.

It’s understandable if you don’t know how to create a tab using Microsoft Teams. Worry less as we will dig in on the steps to follow in this guide.

Quick Answer

You can create a “File” or “App” tab on Microsoft Teams. To create an “App” tab, open Microsoft Teams and click the plus icon at the top. Select the app you wish to make a tab for, and you will notice a new tab will be created for the app. To create a “Files” tab, open the “Files” tab from the channel’s top. Locate or upload an existing file, then click the three dots next to it. Select the option for “Make this a tab,” and your new tab for the file will be created.

We will deal with adding tabs in Microsoft Teams. We will understand what a tab is and why it’s essential when working with a Microsoft Teams channel. Still, we will see the steps to follow when you want to add a tab in Microsoft Teams for your files or apps.

What Is a Tab in Microsoft Teams?

When you open your Microsoft Teams on your computer, you will notice some tabs appearing by default at the top, such as the “Files,” “Wiki,” and “Posts” tabs. These Microsoft Teams tabs act as web pages, such that you can click on the available tab to access more sections under the particular tab.

The tabs allow you to access more details in a dedicated space while in the channel. For instance, you can create a tab for a commonly used app like Excel. That way, clicking on the Excel tab will open the Excel workspace to quickly perform your Excel tasks in Microsoft Teams.

You can add a tab when you want your team to quickly access a specific file or app in a particular channel. It could be you have a shared file frequently used in the channel. In such a case, adding a tab for the file simplifies things in the channel.

How To Add a Tab in Microsoft Teams

You can add a “Files” or “Apps” tab on Microsoft Teams. The “Files” tab is for documents like Excel sheets or Word documents. You must have the document uploaded to the Microsoft Teams channel before you create a tab for it.

The “Apps” tab supports creating a tab for applications available on Microsoft Teams or those you add as integrations. Let’s check the steps for adding tabs in Microsoft Teams.

Adding a Files Tab

When you want to reference a document quickly, add it as a tab using the steps below.

  1. Open your Microsoft Teams app.
  2. Sign in and access the particular channel where to add the tab.
  3. Click on the “Files” tab at the top.
  4. Locate or upload an existing file, then click the three dots next to it.
  5. Select the “Make this a tab” option on the menu that will appear.

You will immediately see a new files tab created for the particular file.

Adding an Apps Tab

You can add an “Apps” tab with these steps when using Microsoft Teams on your browser or its desktop version.

  1. Open your Microsoft Teams account.
  2. Navigate to the specific channel where you want to add the tab.
  3. Click the plus icon at the top right corner.
  4. Select your target app and hit the “Add” button to install it.

After selecting your app, it will appear as a tab at the top bar of the particular channel.


You need a work/school account for this.


Tabs are essential in acting as quick references for files or quick access for apps in Microsoft Teams. We’ve seen the steps to create a file and app tab in Microsoft Teams.

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