How Much Is 1 View on YouTube?

How Much Is 1 View On Youtube

YouTube is a goldmine if you can create viral content that viewers like to watch and do it consistently.

Stars like Mr. Beast are making millions, primarily from YouTube earnings.

You can do it too.

If you are starting on YouTube or plan to do so, it’s crucial to understand how much YouTube pays.

How much is 1 view on YouTube?

Quick Answer

One view on YouTube is worth between $0.01 and $0.03, translating to an average of $0.018 per view. However, the worth of one view on YouTube varies from one creator to another. Several factors impact YouTube revenue because it is based on ad views. These factors include the number of ad views, location of viewers, type of ad, and demand for advertising.

In this post, we will explain how much is 1 view on YouTube and other related information.

Overview of YouTube Revenue

YouTube is one of the largest video streaming platforms and search engines with massive monthly traffic. The company partners with corporates and businesses to display ads on videos at a fee.

Creators can get a cut of this ad revenue when YouTube displays ads on their videos. While there are other monetization techniques, this is the primary way YouTube creators make money on YouTube.

However, YouTube doesn’t display these ads on any video uploaded to YouTube. For this reason, not everyone earns from YouTube video views. For your videos to display ads, you need to meet monetization criteria.

Additionally, only some views on a monetized channel generate revenue. For a view to generate ad revenue, the viewer needs to view the displayed ad for at least 30 seconds.

In that regard, YouTube will not compensate you for a view if the viewer skips the ad or uses ad blockers.

That aside, how much is 1 view on YouTube? Let’s find out below.

How Much Is 1 View on YouTube?

According to Influencers Marketing Hub, the average money a YouTube creator makes per video view is $0.018.

The earnings per view vary from one creator to another for various reasons. However, for most creators, 1 view on YouTube is worth between $0.01 and $0.03.

This range is an average because the amount a creator earns per view depends on many factors. These factors include the following.

Factor #1: Ad Clicks

As we said earlier, not every view counts when YouTube is estimating your ad revenue.

Some viewers skip the ad before reaching the 30-second watch time limit. Other users use ad blockers on their browsers and YouTube apps, which block any ads.

YouTube doesn’t count views from these two groups as legitimate views.

Factor #2: Cost Per Mille (CPM)

Cost Per Mille, or CPM, is the amount an advertiser pays YouTube per 1000 ad views.

This value impacts how much you make for one ad view. If an advertiser’s CPM is high, you’ll earn more per view when their ad displays on your video. This is where your YouTube niche matters.

For instance, advertisers in the tech niche may pay better CPM than advertisers in the DIY niche. Moreover, CPM is region-based, which takes us to the third factor- viewer location.

Factor #3: Viewer Location

Where does your target audience come from?

The location of your viewers is a determinant of the amount of money you make per view. For instance, advertisers in European countries pay a better CPM than those in Asia or Africa.

Countries with the highest YouTube CPM include Norway and Germany.

Factor #4: Video Length

After monetization, YouTube lets you choose where to place your ads.

Depending on the length of your video, you can place the ads at the beginning, middle, and end of the video.

You can put two or three ads for long videos without the viewer seeing it as an interruption.

The more ads you have on a video, the more money you earn per view.

Wrapping Up

This post has given you an idea of how much 1 view on YouTube is worth.

In the same breath, it’s crucial to realize that how much you earn per view varies depending on various factors.

These factors include ad clicks, CPM, viewer location, and video length.


How many views do I need to earn on YouTube?

To earn on YouTube, you must make the YouTube Partner Program. The eligibility criteria include at least 1,000 subscribers, over 4,000 watch hours last year, and agreeing to YouTube monetization guidelines.

How much does YouTube pay per million views?

If one YouTube view is worth an average of $0.018, you’ll earn approximately $18,000 per million views, but the amount may be higher or lower than that, depending on many factors.

Does YouTube pay per subscriber?

No, YouTube doesn’t consider the number of subscribers when paying you. Instead, it’s the number of views that matters.

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